Control Techniques

Control Techniques
Challenging engineering careers

As part of Emerson Industrial Automation, Control Techniques has a single minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives. Our drives are used to control motors in a wide range of applications; from precision machines to high performance elevators and from cranes to fans.
Many drive technologies that are common today were first developed into high volume commercial products by Control Techniques, such as the first digital DC drive and the first AC closed loop vector drive. We continue to be an innovator delivering a drives range that technologically excels. With a network of Drive Centres all over the World, each having extensive design, engineering and system build capabilities, we are a World Leader in our field.
Our Global Headquarters located in Newtown, Mid Wales in the UK houses one of the largest and best qualified team of engineers in our industry. Our drives are developed using the very latest technologies and engineering tools. We thoroughly check the integrity of every aspect of the design to ensure our drives have a long and productive life. Our modern design cycle brings the best drive technologies to the market quickly allowing us to offer the best motor performance possible.
Our main Manufacturing Unit is also located in Newtown, Mid Wales and employs over 400 people. Here drives up to, and over, 1MW are made in what is probably the most advanced drives factory in the world, utilising demand-led-manufacturing principles, a high level of automation, the and the most rigorous of quality standards.
Customer support is equally important as is provided by the international network of 54 Drive Centres covering 31 countries including the UK and Ireland. As centres of expertise, Drive Centre teams offer unrivalled applications knowledge, systems design and build, specialist commissioning and installation times, stockholding, training and round-the-clock customer support
As part of Emerson, Control Techniques benefits from a huge pool of knowledge in all aspects of Motor, Power Electronics, Automation and Process Control.
The Control Techniques Worldwide Network is constantly expanding. Knowledge and expertise must spread with it, leading to interesting opportunities for the ambitious.
Control Techniques offers challenging careers with a progressive world-wide company and if you have the right blend of skills, experience, qualifications and motivation then your qualities may gain you a rewarding position within engineering. Multi-level Sponsorship Programmes are available including:Apprenticeships, Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes progressing to high level engineering positions.These roles will give the right candidates the unique opportunity to grow and develop skills in various domains including:*    Process engineering *    Test Engineering*    Mechanical / Electrical engineering*    Production engineering

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