Underwater robot competition

Underwater robot competition

‘Team Nessie’ wins underwater robot competition.
Heriot-Watt University triumphed over international competitors at the fourth Student Autonomous Underwater Competition – Europe (SAUC-E 2009), held at the Qinetiq Ocean Basin, in Gosport, UK. This is the second year in a row that the team has achieved first place.
The Heriot-Watt team designed and built a hover capable AutonomousUnderwater Vehicle (AUV) able to carry out a complex in-water missionwith no direct human control. The team of students worked hard to ensurethat the AUV completed the mission successfully. The work paid off asthe “Nessie IV” AUV took first place, demonstrating high autonomy andcapabilities beyond any of the seven competitors, coming from differentEuropean Universities. The tasks successfully completed by Nessieinclude tracking of a moving mid-water target, hovering closely above anidentified ground target, wall following with sonar, and a very toughunderwater docking task.
Team Captain Francesco Maurelli said, “It was a real honour to lead thisteam, full of energy and enthusiasm. Every single person has put a lotof effort into the vehicle and it was great to see the results of that.I would like to thank our sponsors, BP and PNI Corporation for theirgenerous contributions. This victory would not have been possiblewithout their help. We are also grateful for the efforts of the previousyears’ teams from Heriot-Watt, whose work we were building upon.”
Professor Yvan Petillot, academic supervisor of the team at the OceanSystems Laboratory, comments on this victory, “Among stiff competitionwhat made the difference was the professionalism and quality of theteam. I feel privileged to have been part of this adventure.”

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To read BBC coverage of the event please see the website below.
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