Take a Year Out

Take a Year Out

Every year a high percentage of graduates decide to take a break from study or work by taking a year off.  For most, this will involve travelling or doing a voluntary/ community project at home or overseas. Engineering graduates should consider the ‘added value’ the experience would give to their CV:

Do you want to increase your team working skills?
Could you volunteer on a project where you could provide expert knowledge?
Do you want to gain practical project skills?
Do you need to improve your communication skills?

The benefits can be significant and include:

Travelling to see more of the world before ‘you settle down’
Having an opportunity to improve the lives of others and gaining new skills as a result.
Doing an environmental or overseas project gaining practical work based skills
Learning a new language
Developing your self confidence and learning more about yourself

For further information visit your university careers office or log on to:, or

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