CV advice
How long should a CV be? What skills should you mention? Should you include a personal profile? Jerry Frempong shares his top tips for CV success

Business role models
A quarter of budding entrepreneurs name Richard Branson as their Ultimate Business Role Model, one fifth choose Amstrad founder Lord Alan Sugar while David and Victoria Beckham beat Apprentice star Karren Brady in a recent poll.

Exam Results Helpline
The Exam Results Helpline is a free telephone helpline staffed by independent careers advisers. Students across the UK who receive unexpected exam results (A levels, GCSEs and equivalent qualifications) can call in for advice about their learning and care

Opportunities for young people
A new career development network is launching for young people in the UK. The online service enables young people to make their own work experience, apprenticeship and training requests for employers to respond to.

How to stay calm before an exam
The key to staying calm in an exam is to keep your fear in perspective. Cat Williams, author of Stay Calm and Content shares her tips.

Top 10 careers that make young people the most happy
City & Guilds, a global leader in skills education, has launched a special Millennials Edition of its Career Happiness Index. The Index surveyed 1,100 18-24 year olds nationwide about their experiences in the workplace.

Interview advice
Two key hurdles to employment for young jobseekers are identifying appropriate skills and a lack of interview technique, according to research from Fish4jobs, one of the UK’s best known job sites.

What to expect in your first university term
Student stereotypes are all well and good (cheap beer, freshers’ week, an aversion to cleaning, the occasional lecture). But what should you really expect when it comes to your first term at university?

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Lord Sugar helps jobseekers with interview advice
Jobseekers can test their interview skills with Lord Sugar on Jobsite’s award-winning video interview practice website

Call for vocational routes to fill the void as hike in tuition fees deters students
The number of university applications in the UK has fallen by 8.9% compared to last year, according to the university applications body UCAS.

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