Clearing options

Clearing options

Clearing Profile:
Name: Winifred NyoyintonoCourse: BA Accounting and Finance
Winifred has just graduated with a First in BA Accounting and Finance at Middlesex.  She got her place on the course through clearing after having to apply late when her English language grades were delayed coming through.“I looked in the papers and found out that Middlesex did the course I really wanted to do,” she said. “ I gave them a call and they told me to fax them the results I had and they would do something for me.  They then gave me a number for accommodation.”She was told that evening that there was a room available for her in halls.Winifred said she was worried about applying late for a place and the clearing team at Middlesex helped reassure her that there was still time to join the course she wanted and get accommodation. “I found them very helpful. I was distressed I was running out of time and didn’t have a place,” she said.
Winifred’s tips for clearing:•    Look in the papers and find the course you really want to do before looking at the universities that offer that course.•    When speaking to a representative of the university be business-like and professional.
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