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Where are the IT jobs?

Over 500,000 people work in companies in the UK whose primary function and business is IT – that’s about 2% of the whole country’s employment. Most of these have roles as IT/telecoms managers, technical support staff, PC support staff, systems designers, systems developers and programmers.

According to GTI (, the most common roles for all new IT graduates are: software engineer, computer/IT consultant, computer programmer, systems analyst, and computer analyst/programmer.

A GTI survey has found that graduates enjoy the dynamic, informal nature of the IT industry for a number a number of reasons. These include
*Constant challenges and changes
*Enormous variety of work
*Relaxed work environment
*Culture of delivery and getting things done
*Part of a forever–evolving and fast-moving industry
*Enthusiasm and intelligence of colleagues
*Good work/life balance

Even though employment prospects are in fairly good shape for Science and IT graduates, the market is changing and it’s as well to be aware of the challenges ahead. Issues such as outsourcing and the transfer of jobs to economies with lower labour costs are becoming ever more relevant to employers.