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Attitudes of employees

You may never need to master the complexities of your job, as long as you maintain a sunny disposition you’re more likely to stay in work than your supposedly ‘expert’ colleagues with poor attitudes, according to a survey.

Insurance for students

According to independent financial research company Defaqto, students going to university this academic year should not assume that their possessions will be covered by their parents' home contents insurance.

Free legal advice

Student advisors, who are studying Law at the University, are on hand to offer advice on issues ranging from problems claiming benefits, to setting up a new business, to difficulties at home, work or school.

Insurance cheats running out of time

Insurance cheats stand a greater chance of being identified and truth-tellers vindicated as a result of new research into detecting lies.

Happiness at work

Experts from across the globe will be gathering this week to address a number of issues concerning how we can be happier at work - from whether music increases productivity to the impact being 'on-call' can have on an individual.

How to handle finances

Leading enterprise education charity, Young Enterprise, commissioned the poll of 1000 young people and found that they don't feel they have the right information to be able to handle their finances when they leave school.

Telephone Job Interview Tips

Telephone interviews are used as the first stage in a selection process. Due to the volume of applicants some jobs attract, phone interviews work like a filter, finding the best candidates - Find out to how prepare for questions.

The power of optimism

Research shows that when people feel powerful they become more optimistic and less accurate in predicting the completion time of forthcoming tasks.

Workplace bullying

Current economic pressures are creating previously unseen levels of anxiety within organisations, resulting in highly stressful working environments and encouraging increased negative behaviour.

Trader tips

Researchers have identified a group of traders consistently able to outperform the market, even during the credit crisis.