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UCAS report

UCAS has now processed all A level results and as of midnight (a record) 384,649 applicants were accepted into university or college, compared with 379,411 on results day last year.

Stress at work

A new survey has found that Tuesday at 10am is the most stressful time of the working week. This study also reveals the top ten reasons for stress and the most stressful sectors to work in.

Sleep helps people to remember

A recent report highlights the importance of sleep and the underlying brain processes for expanding vocabulary.

Investment Challenge

Six teams of budding British traders - four of them from Warwick University - reached the finals of this year's Investment Challenge from

University courses

A degree is a standard entry into many careers - not just 'traditional' professions such as architecture, engineering, medicine and law, but others such as banking, finance, the civil service, recruitment, ICT and design.

Achieving work/life balance

Women academics from the UK have greater problems achieving work/life balance than their counterparts working in Australia.

Creativity, discussions and ideas

When groups or companies are looking for a fresh perspective on a project, they often turn to brainstorming. A new study suggests that this doesn't generate unique and varied ideas.

How to deal with stress?

Scientists at the University of Essex have made a breakthrough in understanding what makes people vulnerable to stress.

Gender equality

Both women and men have been hit by job losses in the downturn, however, women face a higher risk of not being re-employed and continue to be in a generally weaker position in the labour market.

Exercise for a higher IQ

Young adults who are fit have a higher IQ and are more likely to go on to university, reveals a major new study.