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Success after school

Businessman and founder of Phones 4u, John Caudwell, says in some cases there's way too much peer pressure on young people to go on to university after they complete their A levels.

UCAS mobile phone app

Busy university hopefuls can now look up the advice they need at any time, thanks to the UCAS Connect mobile phone app.

Understanding engineering

Researchers from the University of York are hoping to create a better understanding of engineering by exploring its role in sound recording.

Workplace absence costing UK economy £17bn

The UK economy lost 190 million working days to absence last year, with each employee taking an average of 6.5 days off sick, according to the latest CBI/Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey.

Scholarships for Manufacturing Employees

In response to the challenges of the recession, The Manufacturing Institute is launching scholarships schemes - available for employees in manufacturing with no formal higher education qualifications.

Technology gap year programmes

Emily Nicholls has marked herself out as a future leader in the UK’s vital science and engineering sector by winning the top prize in ‘The Year in Industry’.

How to tackle job interviews if you suffer from hearing loss

Hearing loss is a common condition which affects many job seekers. There are couple of strategies which will help to better manage the situation and to improve job interview chances.

Cheap iPhone insurance

Thousands of people every year go to festivals and lose expensive mobile phones and cameras. Now festival goers can insure their iPhones for less than the cost of two pints.

BT super-fast broadband

The capital will see huge levels of investment from BT as the company makes London one of the best connected capital cities well in advance of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Highly paid graduate jobs

Figures recently released by HESA and newly re-published in last week’s Times reveal that four out of the top ten most highly paid graduate jobs are in engineering.