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Job opportunities with planes, trains and buses

Research reveals that young people who want to develop a career should look to employers who operate planes, trains and buses as this industry seeks to recruit 182,500 people by 2020.

New engineering apprenticeships

CHC Helicopter, the world’s largest helicopter services company, has launched an advanced engineering apprenticeship scheme to foster the next generation of engineering talent.

Airbus supports the IUCN's ''Plant a Pledge'' campaign advocating the largest land restoration initiative ever

Bianca Jagger calls on public to urge global leaders to meet 150 million hectare restoration target.

How to become a pilot

Pilot Training College is hosting Flight Crew Selection days and career guidance seminars across the country. The sessions will demonstrate to would-be students the skills and aptitude needed to be a commercial pilot and to assess applicants on suitabilit

Alternate career paths to university

This year has seen record numbers of students applying for last minute courses - eager to get into university before fees increase. For those unable to get a place, there are other options that could offer career opportunities.

Discovery of a new cosmic explosion

A University of Leicester researcher has led an international team of scientists to announce the discovery of a new cosmic explosion: a gamma-ray burst and its associated supernova.

Aerospace technology

A team of Engineering students from the University of Strathclyde have completed the first phase of an innovative 'near-space' flight test and technology demonstration program - the first of its kind in the UK.

Students record video of the Earth from edge of space

Two University of Sheffield students have recorded a video of the Earth from the edge of space, using homemade equipment and on a shoestring budget.

The origin of the Universe

Astronomers have shown how gravitational lensing allows us to see the faintest and most distant galaxies, helping us to understand the origin of the Universe.

Apprenticeships at Thales

17 youngsters have joined Thales UK's new rail signaling apprentice scheme. The new recruits will be able to 'earn while they learn', building skills and experience while at the same time earning a competitive annual starting salary.