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Making physics more attractive to girls

Nearly half (49%) of all co-ed maintained schools in England do not send even one girl on to do physics A-level, a new report from the Institute of Physics (IOP) reveals today.

Employment & Education

Despite more than one million young people being unemployed many UK employers are finding it difficult to recruit young British workers.

Pushing science to its limits

Cambridge Science Festival is hoping to break new boundaries in celebration of London 2012 as it asks ĎHow fast can Usain Bolt run?í and takes ĎA mathematical look at the Olympicsí.

Have we met before?

Have you ever been approached by someone whose face you recognise but whose name you canít remember? Neuroscientists have identified the reasons behind why we are, at times, unable to link a face to a name.

Britainís African communities

8 students from University of Nottingham have been named among Britainís 100 outstanding graduates in a scheme backed by Boris Johnson. They will feature in Future Leaders magazine, inspiring young people from Britainís African and African Caribbean commu

Therapy for teenagers

Researchers at The University of Nottingham are to investigate whether the therapeutic effects of clay modelling could help disturbed teenagers deal with their feelings of anger, anxiety and depression.

Events at the Science Museum

Catch a 3D movie, jump on a simulator, visit an exhibition, and encounter the past, present and future of technology. Visit one of Londonís best tourist attractions and come face to face with science as it happens.

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories - such as those surrounding the death of Princess Diana - are more likely to be believed by people who are willing themselves to conspire, new research at the University of Kent has shown.

Can philosophy make you happy?

Does a degree in philosophy prepare students for employment? How does philosophy contribute to culture and can it help us be happy?

Studying Forensic Science

Student sleuths are to put their forensic skills to the test in a CSI-style summer school at the University of Leicester.