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Smoking in entertainment media encourages UK teenagers to light up

During a conference Tackling Smoking in 21st Century Britain, speakers converged to discuss the emerging evidence that tobacco imagery in entertainment media such as films encourages young people to smoke.

World AIDS Day

Students from Bangor University will converge in the cityís Cathedral next Wednesday (1st December) for Bangorís annual World AIDS Day service.

Smoking in films encourages teenagers to take a drag

New research has revealed that 15-year-olds who saw the most films showing smoking were 73% more likely to have tried a cigarette than those exposed to the least.

Signs of breast cancer

With over 44,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer annually in this country, continued breast cancer research, in particular investigations into the early signs of the disease, are as important as ever.

Health sector jobs

The NHS is a huge organisation and there are roles ranging from porters to accountants, healthcare assistants, gardeners , to ambulance drivers and switchboard operators.

Epilepsy Week

Businesses across the country are being urged to take part in purple themed events between International Purple Day (26 March) and Epilepsy Week (w/c 15 May) to help change the lives of the 60,000 young people living with epilepsy in the UK.

Getting the most out of exercise

New research at the University of Essex could help athletes train to their maximum potential without putting undue pressure on their muscles.

Disadvantages of morning after pill

Offering the morning after pill free over the counter has not reduced the number of teenage pregnancies and may be associated with a rise in sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs).

Germs on buses and trams

You are six times more likely to end up at the doctors with an acute respiratory infection (ARI) if you have recently used a bus or tram. Find out more...

Psychological therapy

A new report released by Mind for the We Need To Talk coalition has called on the Government to fulfil its promise to make psychological therapies available across the country to people who need them.