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Food engineer careers

Some of the UK’s best-loved food and drink manufacturers have launched a campaign to get young people excited about a career as a food engineer and the MEng Food Engineering degree they have developed with Sheffield Hallam University.

Food and drink manufacturing jobs

Calling all foodies wondering what to do with their A-Level results - Why not consider a career working with some of the world's most loved food and drink brands? Food and drink is the UK's largest manufacturing sector.

Britain runs on 78 million mugs of tea

British workers turn to tea to stay sharp in the workplace, despite the encroachment of coffee into our national culture, a new study out today has revealed.

Science of the sprout

Young scientists at the Eden Project are testing their DNA for the gene that may answer the eternal Christmas dinner conundrum: why can't some people stand Brussels sprouts?

Food for students

Students at The University of Nottingham are challenging the stereotypical student diet of pot noodles and frozen pizzas with the help of the region’s food producers.

Benefits of pomegranate juice

New university study finds that pomegranate juice reduces stress hormone levels in British workers.

Sensitivity to soft drinks

New research reveals that over consumption of sugary drinks dull our taste buds and our enjoyment.

Teenage dietary problems

Medical scientists at the University of Leicester are urgently tackling a rising tide of teenage dietary problems through an education programme for over 800 secondary school students.

Keeping soft fruit ‘fur-free’ for longer

A new way of improving the shelf life of soft fruit like strawberries and raspberries is being pioneered by researchers at The University of Nottingham.

Quality Street celebrates 75 years

Nestlé is celebrating 75 years of its revolutionary confectionery assortment Quality Street in the United Kingdom this year.