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New Network Launch Gives Young People Work Experience Control

A new career development network is launching this week for young people in the UK. The online service enables young people to make their own work experience, apprenticeship and training requests for employers to respond to. It also gives them the opportunity to find their own career mentors.

"This network is unique in encouraging young people to create their own requests for the work experiences and work based opportunities that they really want to try. Interested organisations can respond directly to these requests. A safe working relationship can develop from there," explains Chris Davis, the network creator.

"I wanted the network to be accessible to everyone. If a young person has the drive and ambition to want to be proactive in their career path then we want to help them. The network is a way to find young people placements and experiences that they are passionate about and really want to try. When I was at school we were given a list of companies to work for and told to pick one. I ended up doing five days work experience as a cleaner. If one of our young members wants to know what it's like to work at a professional football club then we want to help them gain that experience and help them understand what is required."

Young members create their own request for work experience or opportunities online at any time. These are then shared with prospective employers and career mentors.  Based on the young person's request, ambition and interests they receive proposals from individuals and relevant organisations about possible training, work experience opportunities, apprenticeships, information and expert support.

"Connecting young people to employers from different sectors and industries increases their knowledge of the types of jobs out there and helps them develop their own career skills from a young age. When it comes to work, the more experience gained the better. We encourage people to create as many requests as they want."

Additional career support comes from independent mentors, professionals and role models. Each has experiences and the means to assist young people to expand their career opportunities and make good career decisions. Anyone interested in becoming a mentor can join the network to offer their help.

A Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) report on the impact of apprenticeships on the UK economy found there are currently 714,000 young people across the UK who would like an apprenticeship if one were available. "Internships show real, measurable advantages for companies. They bring productive, enthusiastic and loyal people into your organisation and demonstrate to customers and suppliers your commitment to investing in people and your community," Chris says.

Early interaction with employers and mentors give young people confidence and an understanding of the required skill sets needed for certain jobs. Chris who founded and manages his own internet business says "Having this type of experience early in life gives you time and motivation to pick the right courses and opportunities. Imagine having a mentor who has worked for years in the industry you want to get into. They can help you decide what to apply for, help you prepare for interviews and give you an understanding of what it is really like to work in that sector."

The career development network helps employers discover young talented individuals who actually want the opportunity to learn and show what they can do. Subscribers to the network receive regular updates, news and opportunities to help young people gain a better understanding of the industries they intend to work in.

Anyone wanting to develop their career prospects or make a career change is encouraged to get involved by joining the network online at or contacting for more information.