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HSBC apprenticeship scheme

HSBC   reaffirmed  its  commitment  to  its  apprenticeship  programme  and improving  workplace  skills and opportunities for young people on 20th May at the first of its apprenticeship graduation ceremonies for 2013.

Following   the   success   of  its  apprenticeships  and  work  experience programmes,  which  have  seen  HSBC deliver over 1000 apprentices over the last  18  months, HSBC announced that it is extending its programme to 2000 apprentices. 

The  bank  will  also  offer  500  work experience placements annually. HSBC  is  currently developing a traineeship programme to benefit 250 young people  by  the end of 2014. At the event, the bank gave its support to the Government’s  traineeship  programme  as  a means of opening up a career in financial  services  to  candidates from more diverse backgrounds who might currently feel precluded from applying.

The  bank  is  also  working with the Financial Skills Partnership on a new initiative  to  provide  additional  knowledge  of  the  financial services industry via on-line career mentoring sessions for young people run by HSBC staff.

The  event  was  held  at  Lancaster  House  in London and hosted by Skills Minister Mathew Hancock MP. Brendan  Cook, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management for HSBC in the UK commented: "Apprenticeships  are  a  great  way  of offering our people new skills and opportunities  to progress in their careers.

They provide those who may not have  gone on to higher education with another route into a challenging and rewarding career in our organisation. "We  have had a fantastic response to our apprenticeship scheme to date and are  delighted  to be able to extend it to even more of our people, as well as  developing a new traineeship scheme to help equip young people with the skills to enter our industry.”

The  HSBC Apprenticeship Programme was launched in 2011 in association with the  National Apprenticeship Service and was the first of its kind run by a major  UK  bank. HSBC also played an integral part in developing the higher apprenticeship  framework  at  Level  4  for  retail and commercial banking managers in financial services.

Designed  for  people aged 16 upwards, the programmes being delivered cover the  frameworks  of business administration, customer service and providing financial  services.  Learners  study  for  a minimum of 12 months and work towards  a  range  of  practical  and knowledge based qualifications. After completion  of the apprenticeship scheme students also have the opportunity to continue their study and take further qualifications.

Skills  Minister  Matthew  Hancock said: "Apprenticeships are fast becoming the route to careers previously regarded as just for University graduates - such as banking - HSBC's Apprenticeship graduation ceremony is testament to that.

 "I  am delighted that HSBC have committed to extend their programme to 2000 Apprentices,  offer  500  work  experience placements every year as well as develop   a   Traineeship   programme   for   up   to   250  young  people. "We  want  more  employers  to  follow  HSBC's  lead  and  to  consider how Apprenticeships could benefit their business."