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Merchant Navy Careers Qualifications

Clyde Marine Training, the largest maritime training organisation in the UK, are launching a major drive to raise awareness amongst school leavers and those considering what college courses to apply for that a career at sea, particularly one that is sponsored, could be the answer for them.


At present Clyde Marine Training receive thousands of applications per year but have revealed that many of the applicants do not hold the necessary qualifications required namely physics and maths, in order to gain entry onto their desired course.


Courses on offer as part of a Merchant Navy apprenticeship include:

-        HNC/D Deck Officer

-        Foundation Degree/Professional Diploma Deck Officer

-        HNC/D Engineer Officer

-        Foundation Degree/Professional Diploma Engineer Officer

-        Postgraduate Engineer Officer

-        Foundation Degree Electro-Technical Officer


CMT have direct relationships with established and well respected maritime colleges / universities throughout the UK such as City of Glasgow College, Plymouth University and Warsash Academy and supply a number of students to each to participate in the above courses. Each student is sponsored during their training with the large majority of successful trainees entering direct employment at the end of their course as a result.


Students who hold 120 UCAS points including a combination of physics and maths at Higher / A-level are ideally suited to the Professional Diploma or Foundation Degree courses outlined above, but even students with maths and physics at Standard Grade or GCSE level can still consider a Merchant Navy career path, commencing on the HNC/D programme instead.


Clyde Marine Training are also noticing a trend of older applicants who hold the necessary qualifications but have completed other courses or employment before considering a career as a Merchant Navy cadet. Clyde Marine Training and the Merchant Navy has become a positive alternative for these students as they are paid while they participate in their course and sea-time.


Ultimately Clyde Marine Training would advise any students interested in a career at sea through a Merchant Navy apprenticeship to progress both physics and maths to the highest level of education that they can during their school years in order to improve their chances for entry into the course and college of their choice.


To find out more visit the Clyde Marine Training website or call 0141 427 6655 to speak to a training officer.