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Youth unemployment

 "Attitudes to work must change if young are to succeed in life" -

LONDON –  March 2012 – Unemployed youths are descending on Wandsworth Borough at 9am Tuesday 27th March 2012 to take part in the UK’s first employment boot camp.  

Leading property maintenance and refurbishment firm, will be hosting the innovative recruitment scheme at their head office in Earlsfield putting a number of long term unemployed youths aged between 18 and 25 through their paces in a variety of mental and physical challenges, to "shift young people's poor attitude to work".

A full time handyman apprenticeship will be offered at the end of the boot camp, setting a long term unemployed youth on a progressing career path.

Will Davies, founder of blames the attitude of today’s youth and the carryover from the last government for the record high youth unemployment figures released yesterday – the highest for 17 years. have approached local councils, job centres and technical colleges within a three mile radius of their Earlsfield office to ignite enthusiasm amongst the long term unemployed youths and get them involved in the boot camp.

However the challenge remains, that youths today do not want to embrace the opportunities being offered to them and are happy to remain unemployed.

"It is a frank reflection of the work culture in the UK, young people expect to receive hand outs, if something is deemed to require effort or commitment, they shy away and refuse to get involved.”

Youths from Tooting, Winstanley Estate, Clapham Common, Herne Hill, Brixton Hill, Battersea, Wimbledon Common and Earlsfield have all been approached.

Will Davies believes that the long term unemployed are an untapped resource key to helping the UK pull out of the current economic state.

If the boot camp proves to be a success plan to roll the concept out to other areas of the UK to assist with their national expansion.