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Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

ĎAgainst All Oddsí success story

Adam applied to Appris Management Ltd (formally BTAL (UK)) in 2008 for an Apprenticeship, aged 18.

He attended Appris in July 2008 for an interview and exhibited a great desire for a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship.  His application was circulated to numerous Appris member companies, one of them being Siemens. Adam attended Siemens for an interview and they offered him a position of an Advanced Apprenticeship, in their Mechanical Automation and Drives Division.

He began at Bradford College on the full time Job Training Programme (mechanical discipline), this consisted of four days towards his NVQ Level 2 PEO Units and 1 day towards his Technical Certificate (BTEC ONC Mechanical Manufacturing and Production). Although Adam was making good progress with his NVQ L2 PEO Units, issues started to develop with his ONC studies.

Bradford College contacted Appris, having concerns with Adamís attitude and behaviour. Adam had begun to be abrupt and rude with Tutors and other students and he began to play truant from certain lessons, therefore, affecting progress on his ONC.  Appris immediately contacted Siemens to raise and address these concerns; it was not looking positive for Adam and his future.

Meetings took place at Siemens with Adam, his Managers, Parents and Appris to address his actions and poor attitude towards his studies.  It was highlighted that Adam found certain lessons very difficult, therefore struggling to focus and progress. Other personal issues were also having an impact with Adam and needed to be faced head on.

A meeting was arranged with Adams college tutors, representatives from Siemens and Appris to discuss and highlight his problems and to take positive actions to resolve them amicably for Adam, so he could become focused and overcome his learning difficulties. Additional meetings took place at Siemens with his managers, Adam and Appris to identify an alternative course, which Adam was happy with, so he would feel more at ease and comfortable with his studies. 

All parties concluded that Adamís  ONC Course was the main issue, so it was agreed to take him off this course and enrol him on the 2 year day release Advanced Diploma Course.

Immediate positive results were seen from Adamís attitude and motivation.  His progress accelerated with excellent feedback from his college tutors. He went on to successfully complete his Advanced Diploma.

Adamís work activities and progress on his NVQ Level 3 grew from strength to strength. Adamís passion and desire to exceed are exemplar to all the other apprentices at Siemens.  He is now becoming a valuable member of his team, with great admiration from his peers.

For Adam to go from so close to having his apprenticeship terminated, to turning it around, is a credit to himself, his parents, Siemens PLC, Bradford College and Appris Management Ltd. Adam is now focussing on returning to Bradford College to further his studies and qualifications.

A truly ĎAgainst All Oddsí success story.