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100,000 YOUTH CAN DO IT!

B&Q announces it has given the practical skills bug to over 100,000 young people on the first anniversary of its partnership with UK Youth

B&Q, the UK’s largest home improvement and garden centre retailer announces it has introduced over 100,000 young people to practical home improvement and gardening skills through its investment in youth programmes and initiatives. The announcement arrives on the first anniversary of the retailer’s partnership with the charity UK Youth which has, so far, delivered 100 projects for young people across the UK through community and youth groups. 

B&Q’s schemes for young people seek to build optimism and transferable skills outside, and in addition, to mainstream education.  The scheme saw over 300 B&Q stores across the country twinned with local youth and community groups providing funding, materials and DIY advice for projects of direct benefit to their young people. It is hoped, by the end of B&Q’s partnership, the UK Youth programme will have reached in excess of 750,000 young people.

The other B&Q projects joining UK Youth in delivering new DIY skills to 100,000 young people include a Job Done! schools’ programme which teaches children from the age of 5-16 to build, fix, decorate and grow, Kids’ Classes run in 50 stores across the country, and a Young Apprentice-style Youth Board, as well as initiatives run with the Scouts, the Prince’s Trust and the Children’s University. This week B&Q is announcing the following:


135 new apprentices enrolled this month aged 17 to 65

B&Q currently has 135 employees enrolled onto its 2012 programme which launches at the end of February, and who will be on track to complete the programme by February 2013.  

The 12 month apprenticeship programme has been running since 2009 and aims to equip existing B&Q employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop them personally and professionally whilst continuing to do their jobs. Unlike other retailers, B&Q’s apprenticeship programme is open to staff of all ages, with employees aged from 18 to 70 having completed the scheme - it is believed to be the most diversity-friendly apprenticeship scheme in the industry. To date over 300 colleagues have taken part in B&Q’s apprenticeship scheme.