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Talented people are the driving force of business success

UK entrepreneur to emphasise why people are a strategic investment

Investment in people and intellectual capital is the way forward for businesses determined to lead local UK or global markets through tough economic times, according to leading private equity investor, James Caan.  Mr Caan will be debating this issue and why and how talent management can drive profitability on 14th November, 2011.

The annual event, to be held at Vinopolis London, is being organised by HB Retinue, a recruitment process outsourcing company of which Mr Caan is the Chairman.

Mr Caan – who is renowned for being an investor in people – said he is looking forward to the debate on two levels: the event will gather together some of Britain’s top people and business leaders, as well as offering valuable insight and information to help organisations through challenging economic times.

"We are all in for a bumpy ride over the coming few years, but there is so much that can be done to influence the growth of our businesses, it is passionate and talented people who are the drivers for that success,” said Mr Caan.

He believes that to get the best from their people, companies need to consider the entire ‘employee lifecycle’ – including planning, attraction, recruitment, engagement and internal mobility, performance management and how to successfully ‘exit’ people.

The HB Retinue debate will focus on strategies to help businesses secure, nurture and retain the people with the right skills and competencies.

Rachel McKenzie, Managing Director of HB Retinue, explained that her company works with businesses to identify and attract the high potential individuals that their organisation needs and then ensures that those people are developed and retained.  "We use direct resourcing techniques that shift the focus from relying on third parties, to leveraging the business’ own brand and internal talent, maximising the return on investment for our clients.”

Mr Caan said HB Retinue follow sound principles, such as customising bespoke solutions for each client, rather than peddling ‘off the shelf’ resourcing packages and we utilise a blend of temporary and permanent sourcing solutions to maximise value and ROI for clients."Hiring the wrong person or putting a person in the wrong role costs a business dearly - £50K on average for manager level and above,” he said.

"Consider where the top drivers of your business success come from – new ideas, products, innovation, productivity. They all come from people.  It’s up to you whether they come from the people you have, or better people that you need to attract and hire.”