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Alternate career paths to university

Pilot Training College Assessment Days throughout the UK

With university fees set to treble in 2012, this year has seen record numbers of students applying for last minute courses - eager to get into university before the increase.  Encouragingly, for those unable to get a place this year, there are a number of other opportunities that might offer fantastic career opportunities. As an example the Pilot Training College offer an alternate career path to university.
With university becoming such a huge investment and with no guarantee of a job at the end, it is important for students to be focused; setting their sights on a specific industry and understanding the employment options available at the end of their chosen course.
Those aiming for "dizzy heights” will be interested in the prestigious Pilot Training College’s selection of courses.  Offering first rate training, PTC is committed to meeting the high expectations of the aviation industry. With dedicated instructors, state of the art training facilities and the very latest aviation equipment you are guaranteed the optimum training experience to help you land a career within the industry.
PTC is hosting Flight Crew Selection days and career guidance seminars across the country.  The aim of the sessions is to demonstrate to would-be students the skills and aptitude needed to be a commercial pilot and to assess applicants on suitability.  
The Pilot Skills and Aptitude Assessment Day is the first step to becoming an Airline Pilot. The assessment will last approximately 5 hours. Once confirmed on the assessment course students will receive a preparation pack to help them practice for the Flight Crew Selection day. The first part consists of a presentation on courses offered, information about PTC, a short video showing facilities in Ireland and Florida and candidates will partake in various group activities. They will then take a specialised computer-based skills test analysing their hand/eye co-ordination, verbal and visual decision-making, multi-tasking, capacity and concentration levels. Students are then de-briefed by a Senior Flight Instructor and can discuss their career options available to them. On successful completion of the Pilot Skills and Aptitude Assessment test, they will complete pre-registration with the College.
Pilot Training College will design a training scheme together with the candidate, customised to their specific needs. As the course requires financial investment, PTC always have people on-hand to advise students on their funding options.
From their impressive flight centres in Florida, USA, Waterford and Dublin in Ireland and soon to be announced Cambridge in the UK, the Pilot Training College is likely to train up to 300 students this year, all becoming fully qualified commercial pilots to JAA and ATPL accredited standards.

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