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UCAS clearing update

         425,487applicants have been placed in universities and colleges throughout the UK. This is up by 10,416 applicants on this time last year.
         Of those applicants placed, to date 17,878 have secured their place via the Clearing process.
         62.2% of those people who applied have now been accepted; this compares with 61.4% at this point last year.
         61,737 applicants are awaiting a decision on their application (for example, some may have narrowly missed out on their grades, some may be waiting for their university or college to confirm their place, some may be waiting for qualification results such as GCSEs and some may be appealing their grades) This is down from 64,511 at this time yesterday.
         189,267 applicants have either not received, not accepted or not met the conditions of their offer and are eligible for Clearing. Based on previous admissions cycles, we expect that within this number around half will be applicants whose qualifications are not strong enough to support progression to their chosen courses.
         Of those applicants eligible for Clearing, some will choose to pursue a Clearing opportunity whilst others will not. In 2010, by the end of the admissions cycle, almost 47,000 individuals had secured a place via the Clearing process.
         There is a direct correlation between increased numbers of acceptances and decreasing numbers of courses offering vacancies in Clearing.
         7,607 applicants have withdrawn their application to date.
         The total number of applicants currently stands at 684,098.
Regular statistical updates will be published daily at 12.30pm from Tuesday 23 August at this address: