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Young Apprenticeship programme

SkillsActive Group response to scrapping of Young Apprenticeship
Funding for the Young Apprenticeship programme will be scrapped, it was
announced today.

Cuts mean no new apprentices can start the programme this year, despite a
waiting list of 1,000 young people hoping to begin in September. Employers
involved in the programme will also suffer the consequences of losing the support
to their workforce and business.

The Young Apprenticeship in Sports Management, Leadership, and Coaching led
by SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning, gave
young people opportunities to develop the skills that employers value most –
management and leadership, communication, and customer service – and helped
build the sector’s future workforce.

Since the Young Apprenticeship programme started in September 2005, over
2,000 young people have successfully completed the programme. A further
2,000+ 14-16 year olds are currently completing the programme. By the time the
London Olympic Games start in July 2012, the Young Apprenticeship (YA) in
Sports Management, Leadership and Coaching will have delivered over 1,000,000
volunteering hours to the Sport and Active leisure community.
The Government’s decision to cease funding follows the publication of the
controversial Wolf report, which criticised the efficacy of the YA programme and
apprenticeships in general.

Responding to the news, Stephen Studd, Chief Executive of SkillsActive said:
"This is a hugely disappointing decision that seems to be based on a
questionable and potentially flawed report; especially when continuous evaluation
has proven its value year on year. It will deprive young people of an invaluable
experience that would have built their self esteem, given them a grounding in
crucial leadership and employability skills. The record of the programme speaks
for itself.
"We would have been, and still are, open to discussion with the Department for
Education about how the YA could have been amended to fit their new priorities,
rather than abandoned altogether.”

The decision was announced despite the Conservative Manifesto’s 2010 promise
to create 20,000 additional apprenticeships across key sectors.
The most recent evaluation of the YA programme showed:

* 100% of employers thought that the Young Apprenticeship provided a
good starting point for those wanting to work in the sport and active
leisure sector.
* 98% of the young apprentices would recommend the programme to others
* Nine in ten employers think the young apprenticeship has a positive
impact on the sector.
* 95% of employers were either satisfied or very satisfied with the young
apprentices they had on work placement.

Employers and pupils identify common benefits from the programme of
improved confidence for pupils, practical work experience and industry

* Over 90% of young apprentices in cohort 5 completed all the core
components (ie level 2 vocational qualification and 50 days work
* 95% of the young apprentices felt able to lead a coaching session in more
than one sport or activity having completed the programme.

Employment growth in the sport and active leisure sector has soared in recent
years, almost four times that of all industries in the UK, with an average annual
growth rate of 3.9%. The sector currently employs a total of 470,000 people, or
1.5 per cent of UK employment, and is expected to grow at a faster rate than the
UK economy as a whole.

To fulfil this growth, programmes such as the Young Apprenticeship in Sports
Management, Leadership and Coaching are essential. The sport and active leisure
sector is a major contributor to public health and tackles obesity; disease linked
to inactivity and helps to tackle community cohesion.It is also a major sector in
tackling the economic climate. Young Apprentices were building foundations for
future careers that would let them play a key role in these issues but now will be
forced to explore options.