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Scholarships for Manufacturing Employees

Scholarship Fund available for employees in manufacturing with no formal higher education qualifications
The Manufacturing Institute announces four Scholarship Schemes for the 2011 academic year
In response to the challenges of the recession, The Manufacturing Institute is launching an extension to four 50% scholarship schemes, including its new Manufacturing Management Development Programme, for employees of small and medium manufacturing businesses.
The Manufacturing Institute is looking for high potential candidates, with the main criteria for securing Scholarship support from the Charity being that candidates have the drive and potential to make a real difference in today’s challenging manufacturing world.  

Candidates should have no previous formal higher education qualifications and must also be able demonstrate a defined period of continuous service 3 or 5 years, (depending on programme) with a small to medium (less than 250 employees and turnover less than €50 million) manufacturing company. The employer must also demonstrate a commitment to the development of their employees. Applications are completed jointly by applicant and employer.
There are four areas within these criteria where funds are available:
  1. The Lean Foundation Scholarship for the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing, targeted at those wanting to become lean manufacturing champions (commencing on 11th January 2011 and worth £1,475).
  2. The entry-level Certificate in Manufacturing Management which can lead to a Professional Diploma in Manufacturing and a Masters Degree in manufacturing Leadership (commencing on 2nd February and worth £2,000)
  3. The Team leader Development Programme, a Career Lift-off Scholarship targeted at recently promoted team leaders or operators looking towards team leadership (commencing 23rd February and worth £1,125).
  4. The new Manufacturing Management Development Programme representing the first 3 ‘Personal Effectiveness’ modules of the Certificate in Manufacturing Management /Professional Diploma in Manufacturing, (commencing on 2nd February 2011 and worth £1,000)

The four schemes are totally relevant to the current challenges of modern manufacturing, coming as they do from The Manufacturing Institute, which has been instrumental in accelerating the transformation at the heart of manufacturing throughout the UK since 1994.
All programmes are designed to achieve maximum business benefit for the candidate’s sponsoring employer and are delivered by seasoned manufacturing practitioners.
For further information and an application form, please see , email Anne Campion, or telephone 0161 875 2511 quoting TMISCHOL.
Applications should be submitted via email to Anne at the Manufacturing institute no later than Friday 3rd December.