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Happiness at work

Experts from across the globe will be gathering at the University of Sheffield this week to address a number of issues concerning how we can be happier at work - from whether music increases productivity to the impact being ‘on-call’ can have on an individual.

The Institute of Work Psychology international conference, which will be held 29 June – 1 July in Sheffield, will cover topics such as work-life balance, workplace mistreatment, employee engagement, career development and stress interventions, presenting new perspectives on well-being and performance for the modern workplace.
The conference, which is sponsored by CreativeSheffield and Business Advantage, will include talks on the following topics;

•    "My boss ignores me” – Leader Reactions to Employees’ Negative Emotions During Organisational Change
This talk will explore ways in which leaders and supervisors react to and deal with negative emotions in organisational change and present a field study showing ways in which it may matter for employee attitudes, behaviours and well-being.

 •    "Always waiting for the phone to ring...” Working on-call and its impact on the individual
This paper will address issues highly relevant to on-call working which have not to date been adequately addressed. It will look at how opportunities for leisure and relaxation are highly limited when on-call, and how a lack of personal control and awareness of work-pending can generate a state of fatigue.

 •    Wellbeing in the British Army: The role of supportive line management
Employee wellbeing in the Armed Forces, and in particular within the Army, can be adversely affected due to challenges faced such as separation from family, exposure to traumatic situations and mobility requirements. This paper discusses organisation wide approaches adopted within the Army, such as supportive line management, cultural interventions and the use of feedback loops such as employee attitude surveys in promoting wellbeing and performance.

Experts will be on hand throughout the two-day IWP conference to assist delegates in translating the theory behind the conference sessions into meaningful tools or techniques, and knowledge that they can use back within their organisation, to make a real difference particularly in these turbulent times and to get ahead of their competitors.

Carol Tighe, Business Manager at the Institute of Work Psychology, said: "The conference and associated workshops will explore the latest ideas in work psychology and place them in a practical setting, to illustrate how business can improve organisational effectiveness, gain a better understanding of their HR issues, and provide practical tools and ideas that companies can use in their workplace.”

The event will also showcase the work of the Institute which through its business consultancy arm - ConsultIWP, offers a wide range of cutting-edge HR solutions to businesses.