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Horticultural scholarships

[Climate Change] - 25/09/2013 - The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) opens its annual scholarship season this month with ten scholarships up for grabs.

Opportunity for young engineers

[Civil & Structural] - 19/03/2013 - The Institution of Structural Engineers aims to inspire future engineers through its Young Structural Engineer of the Year (YSEOY) Award, which is now open for entries.

Engineering opportunities in Liverpool

[Civil & Structural] - 06/12/2012 - Some of the country’s largest construction engineering consultancies have joined together to help develop talent in Liverpool and the North West.

Subsea UK launches engineering scholarships

[Energy] - 06/12/2012 - Subsea UK has launched its annual scholarship initiative which is aimed at boosting the number of highly skilled subsea engineers in the industry.

Engineering skills

[Civil & Structural] - 12/09/2012 - North East engineering firm Tharsus Group has joined with The Blyth Tall Ships Project to provide an engineering skills course, 'The Tharsus Factor' in order to kick-start careers for young unemployed people.

Diamond Jubilee Scholarships launched to help address key skills shortage

[Energy] - 19/06/2012 - The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe’s biggest professional engineering body, has launched a new scholarships programme aimed at those embarking upon an IET accredited engineering or technology UK degree course in 2013.

National Science and Engineering Week

[Climate Change] - 03/05/2012 - The turning of the planet, travel around the world, and speeding molecules are among the topics at this year’s National Science and Engineering Week, which will leave your head spinning.

Engineering is the new career choice for the smart set

[Civil & Structural] - 26/04/2012 - Engineering is set to become one of THE top careers for bright young Britons. Even now, ‘I’m an engineer, actually’ is catching on as a great opening line at all the best uptown parties.

Top tips for students looking to boost their employment prospects with a summer placement

[Energy] - 26/04/2012 - With thousands of students all scrambling for a limited number of placements, what can they do to make sure they get their foot in the door?

80% surge in ‘Civil service jobs’ searches

[Civil & Structural] - 04/04/2012 - Over the period of December 2011-February 2012, UK online job-related searches totalled 7.3 million and queries pertaining to civil service jobs appear to have had an unprecedented surge in January.

Careers in engineering

[Electrical/Electronic] - 19/03/2012 - Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has called for more young people to consider careers in engineering and technology, as a new survey revealed that engineering remains a minority interest among UK teenagers.

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

[Electrical/Electronic] - 28/02/2012 - Find out how a Bradford college student was offered an apprenticeship at Siemens and overcame difficulties at college to complete his Advanced Diploma.

Nottingham named as 'world's greenest campus'

[Climate Change] - 22/12/2011 - The University of Nottingham is the most environmentally friendly campus on the planet, according to a new league table of sustainable universities.

Engineering icons

[Electrical/Electronic] - 05/12/2011 - A GE survey of nearly 900 UK engineering undergraduates highlights the brightest and best engineers through history. From Newton to Dyson, UK students gave their opinion of who has most inspired them.

Engineering careers

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/11/2011 - Students from the University of Bath have won a top award for promoting engineering to school children.

How to become a pilot

[Aerospace] - 08/11/2011 - Pilot Training College is hosting Flight Crew Selection days and career guidance seminars across the country. The sessions will demonstrate to would-be students the skills and aptitude needed to be a commercial pilot and to assess applicants on suitabilit

Careers in the building services industry

[Civil & Structural] - 02/11/2011 - If you want to do something great for the environment and earn good money at the same time, then training to become a renewable technology installer could be a positive career move.

Careers in the oil and gas industry

[Energy] - 21/09/2011 - Oil and gas truly is a global industry. From Aberdeen to Angola; Brisbane to Brazil; Saudi to Singapore - you're sure to find a climate (and a salary) to suit you as an oil and gas engineer.

Alternate career paths to university

[Aerospace] - 31/08/2011 - This year has seen record numbers of students applying for last minute courses - eager to get into university before fees increase. For those unable to get a place, there are other options that could offer career opportunities.

Opportunities at Apply Altra

[Civil & Structural] - 30/08/2011 - Engineering may still be perceived as a male dominated bastion, but women are breaking down the barriers at Aberdeen oil and gas consultancy Apply Altra. Find out more about engineering careers.

Technology Careers

[Electrical/Electronic] - 06/08/2011 - Despite the current economic instability, the demand for graduates qualified in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) remains high, says the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Engineering opportunities

[Civil & Structural] - 29/06/2011 - UK engineering chiefs gathered at the Department for Education recently to discuss what can be done to ensure the talent pipeline and adequately equip young people for the requirements of industry.

Understanding engineering

[Telecommunications] - 31/05/2011 - Researchers from the University of York are hoping to create a better understanding of engineering by exploring its role in sound recording.

Workplace absence costing UK economy Ł17bn

[Telecommunications] - 20/05/2011 - The UK economy lost 190 million working days to absence last year, with each employee taking an average of 6.5 days off sick, according to the latest CBI/Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey.

Scholarship opportunity

[Electrical/Electronic] - 10/05/2011 - A Kenyan college student began studying at the University of Sheffield this week after receiving a prestigious scholarship award.

Engineering jobs

[Energy] - 07/05/2011 - Advertised vacancies for engineering staff have risen 81% since the depths of the recession in December 2009, outstripping the increase in all the 35 other job sectors analysed each month by the Reed Job Index.

Environmental Engineering

[Energy] - 01/05/2011 - More plant matter could be burned in coal-fired power stations if this 'green' fuel was delivered pre-roasted like coffee beans, according to researchers from the University of Leeds.

Views on climate change

[Climate Change] - 28/03/2011 - Direct experience of extreme weather events increases concern about climate change and willingness to engage in energy-saving behaviour.

Reasons to get into engineering

[Energy] - 15/03/2011 - A qualification in engineering is a passport to secure employment. Find out about more reasons why you should consider a career in engineering. You can also enter your ideas to the Bosch Technology Horizons Awards.

Discovery of a new cosmic explosion

[Aerospace] - 15/03/2011 - A University of Leicester researcher has led an international team of scientists to announce the discovery of a new cosmic explosion: a gamma-ray burst and its associated supernova.

Aerospace technology

[Aerospace] - 05/03/2011 - A team of Engineering students from the University of Strathclyde have completed the first phase of an innovative 'near-space' flight test and technology demonstration program - the first of its kind in the UK.

Engineering jobs in Scotland

[Civil & Structural] - 16/02/2011 - An engineering forum hosted by Kilmarnock College addressed concerns among key industry figures in Scotland that the industry’s future could be under threat from a growing skills gap.

Careers in Engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 03/02/2011 - 150 young people from schools in South Yorkshire will be given the opportunity to find out more about educational qualifications and careers in engineering at a special event held at Sheffield Hallam University.

Students record video of the Earth from edge of space

[Aerospace] - 02/02/2011 - Two University of Sheffield students have recorded a video of the Earth from the edge of space, using homemade equipment and on a shoestring budget.

Opportunities in the construction industry

[Civil & Structural] - 27/01/2011 - The UK has recently seen record numbers looking to get into the construction industry with opportunities aplenty.

Chemical Engineering

[Energy] - 26/01/2011 - A record number of students chose to begin studying UK chemical engineering degree courses last year according to new figures published by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Engineering Opportunities

[Civil & Structural] - 18/01/2011 - What does the future hold for British engineering? Is the national economy being refocused away from fickle financial services, creative and media industries to build a backbone based on more robust sectors like manufacturing and engineering?

The origin of the Universe

[Aerospace] - 18/01/2011 - Astronomers have shown how gravitational lensing allows us to see the faintest and most distant galaxies, helping us to understand the origin of the Universe.

Renewable Energy

[Energy] - 08/12/2010 - Recent research shows huge support for renewable energy among young people with 94% of those questioned saying that offshore wind was the 'fairest' energy technology.

Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition

[Civil & Structural] - 12/11/2010 - The national exhibition offers many valuable services to help visitors to develop their careers and gain advice on their job search. An impressive range of employers will also be looking for candidates across all disciplines.

Helping poorer countries could combat climate change

[Climate Change] - 12/11/2010 - The effects of global climate change could be minimised by transferring 'best available' low carbon technologies from the rich to the poor nations.

Helmets for female welders

[Civil & Structural] - 27/10/2010 - Diversified technology company 3M has introduced the first line of welding helmets with graphics designed specifically for female welders.

Impact of Government Cuts

[Energy] - 20/10/2010 - The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) has issued a plea for the government to re-consider huge reductions to university funding -there is a growing skills shortage within the sector that has the propensity to negatively affect the economy.

EDF Sustainable Design Challenge

[Energy] - 13/10/2010 - EDF is calling on Britain's and Europe's brightest young designers to create energy efficient day-to-day solutions which will help us change the way we all use energy.

'My Perfect Job' Facebook app

[Electrical/Electronic] - 06/10/2010 - City & Guilds is encouraging young people to work within the engineering sector thanks to a new Facebook application.

Apprenticeships at Thales

[Aerospace] - 06/10/2010 - 17 youngsters have joined Thales UK's new rail signaling apprentice scheme. The new recruits will be able to 'earn while they learn', building skills and experience while at the same time earning a competitive annual starting salary.

Technology gap year programmes

[Telecommunications] - 24/09/2010 - Emily Nicholls has marked herself out as a future leader in the UK’s vital science and engineering sector by winning the top prize in ‘The Year in Industry’.

Studying climate change

[Climate Change] - 22/09/2010 - Plants picked 150 years ago by Victorian collectors and held by the million in herbaria collections across the world could become a powerful - and much needed - new source of data for studying climate change.

National Science & Engineering Competition

[Electrical/Electronic] - 02/09/2010 - Young people are being encouraged to enter their work into the prestigious National Science & Engineering Competition. Open to 11-18 year olds, it's the perfect opportunity to put big ideas in the spotlight.

Work experience opportunities

[Aerospace] - 25/08/2010 - From space robots to potential climate change solutions: students use work experience to get the competitive edge.

Cheap iPhone insurance

[Telecommunications] - 25/08/2010 - Thousands of people every year go to festivals and lose expensive mobile phones and cameras. Now festival goers can insure their iPhones for less than the cost of two pints.

Engineering & Science Opportunities

[Energy] - 19/08/2010 - The UKRC has called for employers and universities to ensure that high achieving girls go on to be a success in science, engineering and technology careers.

Safety in the workplace

[Civil & Structural] - 03/08/2010 - In the last ten years, 66 under-19s have been killed at work. Evidence from around the world suggests that young people have a higher than average risk of being killed or injured in the workplace.

Technology jobs for women

[Energy] - 03/08/2010 - Yorkshire and Humber women wanting a fulfilling career in the specialist fields of science, engineering and technology (SET) can now access subsidised professional coaching to help them get ahead.

Green Flag Award

[Climate Change] - 03/08/2010 - The University of Nottingham has celebrated a record eighth Green Flag Award - the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales.

Electronic Engineering courses

[Electrical/Electronic] - 22/07/2010 - The University of Portsmouth has just hosted its first Smallpeice Electronic Engineering course. It was a really successful week, enjoyed by both students and the companies involved.

Engineering jobs in the UK

[Civil & Structural] - 20/07/2010 - Unemployed people with an interest in engineering construction as a career could see their job prospects significantly enhanced thanks to a new training pilot.

Workplace safety

[Civil & Structural] - 16/07/2010 - A report by the University of Liverpool has found that workplace safety has been put at risk due to changes in health and safety policies over the past decade.

The future of climate change

[Climate Change] - 07/07/2010 - A new study, involving academics at the University of Sheffield, has accurately measured for the first time the current carbon cycles in the world.

Apprenticeships at Thales

[Civil & Structural] - 01/07/2010 - This autumn Thales UK's rail signalling solutions business will welcome 20 apprentices into the business for the first time as part of a new work-based apprentice training scheme.

Mysteries of the Universe

[Aerospace] - 17/06/2010 - Secrets of the Universe are to be revealed as a new telescope equipped with the world's most powerful digital camera begins its observations of the night sky.

Robotics Competition

[Civil & Structural] - 16/06/2010 - Leading subsea training and trials facility, The Underwater Centre in Fort William, is providing the testing facilities for a group of talented engineering students as they gear up for a prestigious international competition.

Undergraduate open days

[Aerospace] - 15/06/2010 - The University of Nottingham is gearing up for what looks set to be its busiest undergraduate open days ever - with 25 per cent more prospective students expected to visit its three main UK campuses than last year's event.

Walking with Robots

[Electrical/Electronic] - 08/06/2010 - An expert from the University of Sheffield has received national acclaim for his contributions to a project enabling the public to engage with advanced robotics.

Student uses pedal power to create novel machine

[Civil & Structural] - 02/06/2010 - An innovative bicycle-powered water pump, created by a student at the University of Sheffield, has proved a huge success and is now in regular production in Guatemala, transforming the lives of rural residents.

Highly paid graduate jobs

[Telecommunications] - 02/06/2010 - Figures recently released by HESA and newly re-published in last week’s Times reveal that four out of the top ten most highly paid graduate jobs are in engineering.

Enterprising Schools Challenge

[Energy] - 25/05/2010 - Teenagers took control of green energy businesses and powered up their creative and commercial skills at the ENER-G Make It Enterprising Schools Challenge.

Solutions for the Planet competition 2010

[Climate Change] - 24/05/2010 - Young entrepreneurs from the Yorkshire and Humber region visited the University of Sheffield as part a Dragon's Den style event.

Engineering careers

[Civil & Structural] - 20/05/2010 - Engineering remains a vibrant sector with strong demand in some traditional sectors and growing demand in newer, emerging ones.

Oil & Gas Qualifications

[Energy] - 22/04/2010 - A landmark partnership has been forged that will deliver a global framework for qualifications in the upstream oil and gas industry, safeguarding the UK's skills and expertise for the future.

Engineering and the economy

[Civil & Structural] - 13/04/2010 - Young people believe that engineering is still important to the economy but nothing to shout about.

Maths for Engineering

[Telecommunications] - 13/04/2010 - The importance of a new qualification designed to equip students with the mathematical skills needed to study engineering at degree level has been recognised by the university admissions body, UCAS.

University embarks green mission

[Climate Change] - 13/04/2010 - A major investment at the University of Sheffield has been kick-started to further slash the University's energy consumption and C02 emissions, a move believed to be the first of its kind in the UK education sector.

National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition

[Civil & Structural] - 08/04/2010 - Featuring CV clinics, career advice and opportunities from BAE Systems, Network Rail and Jaguar Land Rover among others, this event is a must for those interested in the engineering sector.

Jobs in the nuclear industry

[Energy] - 01/04/2010 - Up to 30, 000 jobs could be created in a nuclear programme. Training opportunities, new apprenticeships and jobs will be needed in the construction, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of anticipated stations.

Engineering Apprentices

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/03/2010 - A new paper from EngineeringUK reveals that there has been an 88 per cent increase in the number of adult engineering apprentices between 2009 and 2010.

Telecommunications apprenticeships

[Telecommunications] - 29/03/2010 - A major independent provider of professional services to the UK communications sector is boosting its headcount by recruiting 20 new telecommunications apprentices.

Student nominated for space 'Oscar'

[Aerospace] - 23/03/2010 - Ryan Laird, a PhD student at the University of Kent's School of Physical Sciences, has been shortlisted for a Sir Arthur Clarke Award.

Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design

[Civil & Structural] - 22/03/2010 - Students choosing their options for September are being urged to consider a qualification that will give them an insight into the world of manufacturing.

Big Bang Fair

[Civil & Structural] - 16/03/2010 - The Smallpeice Trust joined in the Big Bang Fair leading hands-on activities to encourage students to think about the importance of engineering and how it can be used to solve large scale problems.

Educational engineering

[Energy] - 16/03/2010 - National Grid launches School Power, a new online education programme to inspire primary school children about science and technology.

Engineering apprenticeships

[Energy] - 15/03/2010 - British Gas offers a range of career opportunities. As an Apprentice technical engineer you will attend award-winning Energy Academies, staffed by trainers who have worked in an engineer role themselves.

Child Safety goes Mobile

[Telecommunications] - 11/03/2010 - Mobile telecommunications firm aql along with specialist child safety firm, Crisp Thinking have developed an innovative new mobile service aimed at protecting children from the risks of allowing them their own mobile handset.

Oil and Gas Careers

[Energy] - 01/03/2010 - More than 7,000 responses to an extensive industry survey indicate oil and gas professionals are well paid compared to many other industries.

Funny electronics

[Electrical/Electronic] - 25/02/2010 - ACAL Technology and Napier Partnership Ltd works with University students to make Electronics funny!

London Underground Maps

[Civil & Structural] - 22/02/2010 - Since revolutionising map design in 1933, Henry Beck's iconic map of the London Underground has set the standard for the mapping of transport networks worldwide but is this template always a success?

Surrey Satellite Technology

[Aerospace] - 10/02/2010 - Surrey Satellite Technology believes that the publication of the Space "Innovation and Growth Strategy" document will act as a catalyst to generating much needed additional business for the UK space industry

National Apprenticeship Week

[Civil & Structural] - 03/02/2010 - The government has launched National Apprenticeship Week and is urging people to look at the benefits to their skills and career of becoming an apprentice.

Top 10 career opportunities

[Energy] - 02/02/2010 - Career Energy has launched a free Career Guide highlighting the top ten career opportunities for people seeking to change their working lives in 2010.

UK Electronics Skills Foundation

[Electrical/Electronic] - 27/01/2010 - To address the threat of diminishing skills in the UK electronics sector the National Microelectronics Institute has announced the creation of the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF).

Transport Engineer Website

[Electrical/Electronic] - 26/01/2010 - Visit Transport Engineer, a new website which provides news, videos, jobs, case studies and other dynamic features.

Lightning down the line

[Electrical/Electronic] - 21/01/2010 - Find out how to make yourself a smaller target when using the internet by installing your lightning protectors, patching your browsers and more.

Breakthrough in production of biofuels

[Energy] - 14/01/2010 - A team of scientists from the University of Sheffield have scooped an international award in recognition of their work on an innovative device which will make the production of alternative biofuels more energy efficient.

Science Engineering and Manufacturing skills in 2010

[Civil & Structural] - 13/01/2010 - Semta will help develop the required qualifications, apprenticeships and programmes, influence policy and work in the regions to ensure the right training solutions and funding exist.

University of Lincoln's new School of Engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 07/01/2010 - A further cash boost has been announced today to support the University of Lincoln's new School of Engineering.

Machine Intelligence Competition

[Aerospace] - 05/01/2010 - A model helicopter which uses sound to navigate has claimed first place in an artificial intelligence competition for a team from De Montfort University Leicester.

Rail engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 15/12/2009 - Experts at the University of Sheffield are set to join forces with Network Rail in a bid to improve rail infrastructure and engineering.

Earth's increased sensitivity to carbon dioxide

[Climate Change] - 08/12/2009 - In the long term, the Earth's temperature may be 30-50% more sensitive to atmospheric carbon dioxide than has previously been estimated.

National Apprenticeship Awards launch

[Telecommunications] - 03/12/2009 - If every person who started an Engineering Apprenticeship this year stood arm-to-arm, they would stretch across the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol 150 times!

Producing green electricity

[Climate Change] - 03/12/2009 - Vibrations from the environments we live and work in could be much more widely harnessed as a clean source of electricity, due to cutting-edge UK research.

UK lacks skills for low carbon transition

[Climate Change] - 25/11/2009 - The UK does not have the necessary skills to make the transition to a low-carbon economy at the pace required to meet mandatory targets - or the training arrangements in place to fill the gap.

Generating electricity from air flow

[Electrical/Electronic] - 24/11/2009 - A group of researchers at the City College of New York is developing a new way to generate power for planes and automobiles based on materials known as piezoelectrics, which convert the kinetic energy of motion into electricity.

How green is your house?

[Climate Change] - 24/11/2009 - 70% of households always separate their rubbish for recycling, but only 2% buy their energy on a green tariff, according to a recent survey.

Students flying high

[Aerospace] - 19/11/2009 - Six Bristol University engineering students have won awards for the exceptional quality of their work. The awards, presented by Boeing, mark the beginning of a new relationship with the University

Royal Navy recruits via facebook

[Civil & Structural] - 17/11/2009 - The Royal Navy will attract the best engineering talent to become officers through an interactive challenge played across an iPhone app and Facebook widget.

Faraday engineering challenge days

[Energy] - 17/11/2009 - Budding young engineers from throughout the UK are set to take up the task of researching, designing and making solutions to genuinely tough engineering problems.

New Apprenticeship Programme

[Civil & Structural] - 12/11/2009 - Stagecoach has become the first UK bus operator to work with IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) in developing the engineers of the future.

Energy-saving powder

[Energy] - 12/11/2009 - Max Planck chemists are using a simple method to convert methane to methanol -- something that has the potential to exploit previously unused reserves of natural gas.

Engineering careers day

[Electrical/Electronic] - 10/11/2009 - Over 80 students from across Oxfordshire and beyond attended a careers day that focused on the wide range of exciting opportunities that exist for engineers in the UK

Crime confusion

[Telecommunications] - 29/10/2009 - People who watch forensic and crime dramas on TV are more likely than non-viewers to have a distorted perception of America's criminal justice system.

Recruitment Exhibition

[Civil & Structural] - 27/10/2009 - The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition on 27 & 28 November 2009, will feature an impressive range of leading employers offering career opportunities.

Engineering & Technology Scholarships

[Energy] - 27/10/2009 - Two hundred and forty nine talented 16 year old students from all over the UK will each be awarded one of the prestigious Arkwright Scholarships.

Shrimps show the way to a better DVD

[Electrical/Electronic] - 22/10/2009 - The remarkable eyes of a marine crustacean could inspire the next generation of DVD and CD players.

Floating island city

[Civil & Structural] - 15/10/2009 - A floating island city fuelled entirely by green energy has landed a University of Portsmouth Professor of engineering a place on the shortlist of a national competition.

New atlas shows fresh perspective

[Aerospace] - 08/10/2009 - Researchers have created a new online atlas which includes over 200 maps which have been redrawn to show which cities are the largest, how all urban areas compare, and how many people live in the countryside.

Apprenticeship schemes

[Energy] - 06/10/2009 - The UK oil and gas industry will celebrate the milestone intake of the 1,000th Modern Apprentice to its hugely successful technician training scheme.

Water found on the moon

[Aerospace] - 01/10/2009 - A space expert has gives his opinions about the recent story that more water than previously thought has been found on the moon.

Strategic eyes in the sky

[Aerospace] - 01/10/2009 - Crowd control is among top issues in UK. Since the G20 summit, officials have been in discussions to identify the most effective crowd control measures, especially with the London Olympic Games just a few years away.

Tackling climate change

[Climate Change] - 01/10/2009 - Converting the trash that fills the world's landfills into biofuel may be the answer to both the growing energy crisis and to tackling carbon emissions, claim scientists in Singapore and Switzerland.

Energise Your Future

[Energy] - 23/09/2009 - Offshore Europe was hailed a success after the interactive careers and lifestyle event Energise Your Future featured at Europe's largest oil and gas show.

Dermatitis risks

[Telecommunications] - 23/09/2009 - The Health and Safety Executive is reminding companies of the importance of managing dermatitis risks, by taking adequate precautions to ensure that employees are not exposed to hazardous substances at work.

Opportunities in the Nuclear Industry

[Energy] - 10/09/2009 - The launch of Cogent Sector Skills Council’s Power People, a new report on the skills the UK shows the need to support a new generation of nuclear power plants.

Manufacturing development

[Aerospace] - 10/09/2009 - The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing will explore development of the AMRC Denmark branch.

Engineering opportunities in the UK

[Aerospace] - 03/09/2009 - New research from the Engineering and Technology Board finds a 19% increase since June 2008 in the number of the general public that would recommend a career in engineering to their children, family and friends.

Acoustic & vibration courses

[Electrical/Electronic] - 02/09/2009 - Sound and vibration expert, Bruel & Kjaer UK has a range of seminars and training courses, including technical lectures on acoustic and vibration subjects and practical equipment training - available now for registration.

Studying Engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 01/09/2009 - Recent GCSE results bring excellent news for the engineering sector as the number of students sitting physics, chemistry, additional maths and maths has increased by 21%, 20%, 11% and 2% respectively since 2008.

Arctic plant life

[Climate Change] - 27/08/2009 - Scientists from the University of Sheffield have discovered that winter warming events in the Arctic could cause major damage to plants that live there.

Engineering careers for women

[Electrical/Electronic] - 26/08/2009 - The UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology has welcomed this year's improved A Level results, hoping the grades mean more girls will use their new qualifications to begin a career in the SET sector.

New Oil and Gas degree

[Energy] - 18/08/2009 - A new University of Aberdeen degree programme will aim to tackle the structural engineering skills gap within the Oil and Gas sector.

Massive explosions in the Milky Way

[Aerospace] - 12/08/2009 - Astronomers recently observed a mysterious flux of particles in the universe, and the hope was born that this may be the first observation of the remnants of "dark matter". But scientists believe otherwise.

Underwater robot competition

[Energy] - 11/08/2009 - Heriot-Watt University triumphed over international competitors at the fourth Student Autonomous Underwater Competition.

Stereotyping of careers

[Civil & Structural] - 05/08/2009 - The UK’s leading agency working towards gender equality across the science, engineering and technology sectors has called for more to be done to close the gender pay gap.

Property management careers

[Civil & Structural] - 05/08/2009 - The value of training and qualifications for property and construction professionals was underlined when graduates from The College of Estate Management received their degrees.

Graduate development programme

[Energy] - 05/08/2009 - Renewable and energy efficient technology group ENER-G has launched a structured careers programme designed to turn today’s top engineering graduates into the senior executives of tomorrow.

'You're Hired' as an Apprentice

[Civil & Structural] - 29/07/2009 - Enterprise Engineering Services is one of many Scottish companies which is choosing to invest significantly in apprenticeship schemes to attract the next generation of its workforce.

Apprenticeship awards

[Telecommunications] - 28/07/2009 - England's best apprentices were recognised at the 2009 Apprenticeship Awards in London. Run by the National Apprenticeships Service, the Awards celebrated the achievements of apprentices and their employers.

Save the environment

[Climate Change] - 16/07/2009 - Grasslands, wetlands and coastal habitats face the greatest threats, mainly due to the decline of traditional patterns of agriculture, tourist development and climate change.

Chemical Engineering Courses

[Energy] - 14/07/2009 - UCAS revealed that 10,068 applications have been made to study chemical engineering in the UK later this year, the latest phase of a remarkable renaissance in the process industries.

Hydrogen technology

[Energy] - 08/07/2009 - Could the cars and laptops of the future be fuelled by old chip fat? Engineers believe so, and are developing an energy efficient, environmentally-friendly hydrogen production system.

MATE International ROV Competition

[Energy] - 30/06/2009 - Pupils from Dyce Academy, and Robert Gordon University, have enjoyed the trip of a lifetime to Massachusetts to showcase their remotely operated vehicle designs at the 2009 MATE International ROV Competition.

UK's First Green Jobs Fair

[Climate Change] - 23/06/2009 - The European Commission's study on the impact of renewable energy policy on growth and employment in the EU, indicates that 2.8 million green jobs will be created by 2020.

Aeronautical Education

[Aerospace] - 16/06/2009 - City University London and the Royal Aeronautical Society invite you to a unique conference to celebrate '100 Years of Aeronautical Education' Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 June 2009.

Motorcycle engineering

[Electrical/Electronic] - 10/06/2009 - The finishing touches are being made to Kingston University's revolutionary electric motorbike as it gears up to take-on the world's most advanced green racing vehicles.

Engineering skills

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/06/2009 - Outlining the need to appeal to a wider cross section of society including women in order to widen the talent pool, ETB urged EU nations to work together to address recruitment issues.

Automotive Engineering

[Electrical/Electronic] - 03/06/2009 - Cranfield University has announced a unique partnership with Silverstone for its postgraduate motorsport students.

Innovate for Universities

[Electrical/Electronic] - 03/06/2009 - A wearable radar-on-a-chip tracking device, solar-powered equipment to generate clean water and electricity, and a self-sterilising catheter are among innovations from a new initiative using designers to help speed up the commercialisation of new technolo

Help vulnerable communities adapt

[Climate Change] - 28/05/2009 - For the 165,000 strong Inuit community dispersed across the Arctic coastline in remote coastal settlements in Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Siberia – it is too late to prevent some of the negative effects of climate change.

Students provide solutions for hospice

[Civil & Structural] - 27/05/2009 - Engineering Students from the University of Sheffield have designed a number of new products to help and aid carers and patients at St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield.

Universities excel in engineering research

[Energy] - 21/05/2009 - The Engineering and Technology Board today released a new policy paper, documenting the excellent state of Engineering Research within UK Universities.

Career opportunities in the solar industry

[Energy] - 19/05/2009 - Future leaders of the solar industry are being trained through the GPE Solar Masters Course at the Technical University of Berlin. Those interested in enrolling for the course starting in October 2009 should apply before 30 June.

Oil and gas going strong

[Energy] - 13/05/2009 - A major survey into hiring and firing trends by Warrington Recruitment firm Antal International has revealed that the oil and gas sector has one of the healthiest levels of job recruitment and job retention in the UK.

Prestige Debate: Future Vehicles

[Energy] - 29/04/2009 - Young engineers are among hundreds of people expected to converge in Bath for top level talks with Government officials on the future of low carbon transport.

Electronics course

[Electrical/Electronic] - 22/04/2009 - The Electronic Engineering course is run by the Smallpeice Trust, as part of an ongoing programme of subsidised residential courses designed to help young people learn and develop skills in engineering, design & technology.

Scotland's safest employers

[Energy] - 15/04/2009 - Two Scottish oil and gas companies have been named among Scotland’s safest, healthiest employers at a prestigious awards ceremony.

Scientists pinpoint the 'edge of space'

[Aerospace] - 14/04/2009 - Where does Earth stop and space begin? 118km above the ground, according to scientists who created an instrument that is able to pinpoint the "edge of space."

Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design

[Civil & Structural] - 09/04/2009 - A flagship qualification developed by industry to teach manufacturing and design skills in schools and colleges will be available in a further 20 areas around England.

Electrosmog on the circuit board

[Electrical/Electronic] - 07/04/2009 - The smaller the components in electronic circuits, the more interference-prone they are. If the components are too densely packed, they can interfere with one another.

Careers for women

[Energy] - 07/04/2009 - In a recent study, young women appear to enjoy maths, science and technology subjects more than their male counterparts though over a quarter of careers advisors and teachers associate engineering with men.

Astronauts not fit enough

[Aerospace] - 07/04/2009 - A new study suggests that astronauts need to modify their workouts to avoid extensive muscle loss during missions onboard the International Space Station.

Robert Gordon University Wins Getenergy Award

[Energy] - 31/03/2009 - The Robert Gordon University was announced as the Education/ Training Provider of the Year at the Getenergy 2009 awards, which celebrate excellence in education and training for the oil and gas industry.

What do we know about stairs?

[Civil & Structural] - 26/03/2009 - We use the stairs in buildings as a back up for escalators and elevators, but during a fire or other emergency, stairs become our primary passage to survival.

Careers at Maersk

[Civil & Structural] - 25/03/2009 - Maersk International Technology and Science Programme (MITAS) creates opportunities within the oil industry.

Engineering Undergraduate Awards

[Civil & Structural] - 18/03/2009 - The hunt is on amongst the best universities in the UK to find Britain's most promising engineer.

Oil & Gas Exhibition

[Energy] - 12/03/2009 - Getenergy which takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington from March 23 – 25, is expected to attract hundreds of delegates from around the globe.

A rubbish idea

[Climate Change] - 12/03/2009 - Can creating energy from animal or human waste be the answer to combating climate change? Is rubbish the answer to Cooling the Planet?

Recruitment Exhibition

[Civil & Structural] - 11/03/2009 - The National Engineering and Construction Recruitment Exhibition (NECR), at the NEC, Birmingham on 24 & 25 April 2009, will offer a vast choice of exciting career opportunities.

Photovoltaics Technology

[Electrical/Electronic] - 11/03/2009 - Photovoltaics refers to the process of generating electrical power directly from sunlight. It is popular in European countries mainly due to favorable feed-in tariffs.

Solar water-heating

[Energy] - 11/03/2009 - An analysis of the engineering and economics for a solar water-heating system shows it to have a payback period of just two years.

New devices from Nokia

[Telecommunications] - 11/03/2009 - Nokia launches N79 Active, a healthy addition to the Nokia Nseries range, the perfect running companion complete with GPS tracking and a 5 Megapixel camera.

Talking and travelling dangers

[Telecommunications] - 11/03/2009 - Talking on the phone while travelling, whether you're driving or on foot, is increasing both pedestrian deaths and those of drivers and passengers.

Electronic learning

[Electrical/Electronic] - 03/03/2009 - Electronic media are playing an increasingly more important role in education and training. Universities are availing of these new educational channels.

Dust factory in a dead star

[Aerospace] - 26/02/2009 - Interstellar space dust from a dead star identified by a research team led by The University of Nottingham could unlock some of the mysteries of the early universe.

Climate change

[Climate Change] - 26/02/2009 - Climate change will not be taken seriously until the media highlights its significance, say researchers at the University of Liverpool.

Sweet potato takes a ride on space shuttle

[Aerospace] - 19/02/2009 - Because of the distinct lack of grocery stores in outer space, scientists are looking for ways to provide food for long-term space missions.

Engineering challenges

[Civil & Structural] - 17/02/2009 - The stability and livability of the world's growing urban regions is going to depend more than ever on advances in infrastructure engineering.

Global warming worse than predicted

[Climate Change] - 17/02/2009 - The climate is heating up far faster than scientists had predicted, spurred by sharp increases in greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries like China and India.

Boost for UK engineering education

[Civil & Structural] - 20/01/2009 - Young people from low-income families, ethnic minorities and girls are being given a financial helping hand by the Government to encourage them into engineering.

Wanted: Young Engineers!

[Electrical/Electronic] - 13/01/2009 - Young engineers are invited to put themselves forward for a chance to represent the UK against the best in the world in WorldSkills.

The future of energy

[Energy] - 13/01/2009 - A new version of an environmentally friendly, energy efficient technology that could replace combustion engines in cars and batteries in mobile devices such as phones and laptops is being researched by Aberdeen experts.

Spotlight on railway jobs

[Civil & Structural] - 08/01/2009 - With a high level of investment planned for the rail sector in 2009, a host of new jobs will be created.

Monitoring greenhouse gases from space

[Aerospace] - 08/01/2009 - Japan's space agency will launch a satellite later this month to monitor greenhouse gases around the world, in efforts to combat climate change.

Engineering jobs for women

[Civil & Structural] - 06/01/2009 - As the need for engineering professionals grows, educators and industry leaders are concerned with how to attract women to a traditional male career.

The future of plastic electronics

[Electrical/Electronic] - 23/12/2008 - Minister for Finance and Public Service, Andrew Davies, made a return visit to Swansea University to learn about cutting-edge developments in plastic electronics which includes helping people remember to take their pills.

Engineers retrain to transfer skills to emerging sectors

[Electrical/Electronic] - 18/12/2008 - Engineers feeling the pinch of the credit crunch should seriously consider transferring their skills to emerging sectors, according to leading recruitment specialist ATA.

New technology course

[Electrical/Electronic] - 18/12/2008 - A unique short course looking at a rapidly growing area of mobile communications is being run by De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) for employees in the technology sector.

Plumbing careers

[Civil & Structural] - 16/12/2008 - There's never been a better time to train as a plumber. The CITB estimates that 29,000 newly qualified plumbers will be required in the next year alone.

Energy issues

[Energy] - 16/12/2008 - A controversial new lecture series tackling the current challenges and debates within the energy sector has been announced by the University of Aberdeen.

Go Explore Oil & Gas

[Energy] - 26/11/2008 - "Go Explore" is a new media campaign aimed at raising awareness among 16-25 year-olds of the career opportunities available in the oil and gas industry.

New energy course

[Energy] - 26/11/2008 - The use of green energy is the focus of a new degree being run by De Montfort University Leicester (DMU).

Boost your career in science and engineering

[Energy] - 13/11/2008 - The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining is organising an event which will help young people with career planning and communication.

Video games are UK's top entertainment form

[Electrical/Electronic] - 06/11/2008 - Video games are expected to outsell music and other video products this year for the first time, making them Britain's number one form of entertainment.

Airlines facing winter survival battle

[Aerospace] - 05/11/2008 - European airlines face a cut-throat battle to survive the winter as recession threatens the recipe many have used to ride out a spike in oil prices -- sharing the pain with consumers by slapping on fuel surcharges.

Engineering: the occupation of choice

[Civil & Structural] - 30/10/2008 - A new report has found Engineering and Technology graduates to be highly employable, with 62% entering full time employment after leaving university compared to 58% of graduates from all courses.

Jobs boost for Noble Denton

[Energy] - 22/10/2008 - Noble Denton, the global offshore, marine and engineering consultancy has increased its headcount in Aberdeen by more than 40%.

UK threatened by chemical engineering shortage

[Energy] - 22/10/2008 - Plans to reduce UK carbon emissions could be jeopardised by a lack of investment in chemical engineering education, according to the profession’s licensing body.

Renewable energy & environment courses

[Energy] - 22/10/2008 - CAT's Graduate School offers a range of inspirational post-graduate programmes and short courses within the energy and environmental industries.

Rich world behind global pollution

[Climate Change] - 22/10/2008 - Rich countries are partly responsible for pollution from poor ones, including poisonous mining discharge, because they buy many of the raw materials and goods that produce the waste.

Explorers to measure Arctic's vanishing summer ice

[Climate Change] - 22/10/2008 - British explorer Pen Hadow is to return to the North Pole five years after his record solo trek, in an attempt to establish when Arctic summer sea ice will disappear for good.

Motorola unveils touch screen phone

[Electrical/Electronic] - 15/10/2008 - Motorola, the world's third-biggest phone maker, unveiled a touch-sensitive phone to be sold by Verizon Wireless, as both companies look to compete with Apple Inc's iPhone.

ASUS sweeps the board in Technology Awards

[Electrical/Electronic] - 08/10/2008 - Once again quality, attention to detail and innovation combine to deliver ASUSTek top awards from all sectors.

Petrol retail prices drop

[Energy] - 08/10/2008 - UK petrol pump prices have fallen by 10 pence per litre from record highs hit in mid-July, the Automobile Association (AA) announced.

Strathclyde launches graduate engineering school

[Civil & Structural] - 07/10/2008 - The University of Strathclyde's Graduate School of Engineering, launching 8th October, is being created in response to extensive consultation with the engineering industries.

Some Antarctic scientists train in British mud

[Climate Change] - 07/10/2008 - There hasn't been a glacier in England since the Ice Age so Antarctic scientists flock to a muddy field here to learn how to survive on the world's coldest continent.

The Smallpeice trust helps combat skills shortage

[Electrical/Electronic] - 06/10/2008 - Independent educational charity, The Smallpeice Trust, has teamed up with a host of companies to launch a challenging timetable of courses for schoolchildren in the UK in 2009.

Telecommunications courses

[Telecommunications] - 06/10/2008 - Thinking of joining the telecommunications industry? Take a course and find out more about technologies and terminology currently in use as well future developments.

Mexican thieves steal five small planes

[Aerospace] - 01/10/2008 - Armed men stole five small planes from a private airstrip in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa overpowering a police officer and flying away.

Wind turbine for healthy building

[Energy] - 30/09/2008 - The University of Essex is spear heading its energy efficiency campaign by installing a new wind turbine at the Colchester Campus this week.

Nokia's iPhone due Oct 2

[Telecommunications] - 30/09/2008 - Nokia will unveil its first touch-screen phone next week in a direct challenge to Apple's successful iPhone.

The EU car emission battle

[Climate Change] - 30/09/2008 - A key European Union vote on curbing tailpipe emissions from cars ended in chaos last week, but a consensus is now emerging in favour of swiftly enforced limits and tight controls on potential loopholes.

Looking past Nabucco

[Energy] - 17/09/2008 - The European Union should be open-minded about the route of the planned Nabucco pipeline from Turkey or how it pipes in Caspian gas.

Oil falls on OPEC expectations

[Energy] - 09/09/2008 - Oil dropped to a new five-month low on Tuesday on expectations OPEC would leave formal output targets steady.

Upbeat on Iceland

[Energy] - 05/09/2008 - Iceland's plans to offer its first oil and gas exploration licences in 2009 is meeting with cautious optimism from energy executives.

Nuclear energy on rise

[Energy] - 05/09/2008 - The world's nuclear industry is ready for a "nuclear renaissance", but it is up to the reactor builders to make it happen.

Kick-start your engineering career

[Civil & Structural] - 04/09/2008 - Southampton Solent University Open days are for all prospective students who are considering studying an undergraduate, postgraduate or professional course on either a full or part-time basis.

Start at the top and work your way up

[Civil & Structural] - 22/08/2008 - As one of the UK's top names in the world of mineral extraction, Aggregate Industries offer highly ambitious graduates the chance to develop.

Harris Pye provides opportunities for young employees

[Energy] - 21/08/2008 - “Young people are the future of our industry' says Harris Pye. Find out more about their traditional apprenticeships and vocational traineeships schemes.

GE offers paid internships

[Electrical/Electronic] - 14/08/2008 - GE offers full-time, paid internships to qualified candidates. Gain hands-on experience while working on challenging projects, network with professionals and learn from some of the brightest minds in business.

OU Engineering Degrees gain official accreditation

[Electrical/Electronic] - 14/08/2008 - The Open University's Engineering programme, The Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) has accredited two engineering qualifications for professional registration.

Robot plane sweeps over UK fields

[Aerospace] - 14/08/2008 - The first flights have been conducted of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to monitor UK farmland. The robot plane can stay aloft for about an hour on battery power

Astronomical survey completes mission

[Aerospace] - 14/08/2008 - After a decade of construction and eight years of operation, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) completed its observations in mid-July.

Satellite Radio: Is the Market Starting to Listen?

[Telecommunications] - 13/08/2008 - Despite a six-year market presence, there remains considerable confusion surrounding satellite and digital radio due to the introduction of multiple digital radio standards.

Prince Charles: no to GMO

[Climate Change] - 13/08/2008 - Britain's Prince Charles said the widespread use of genetically modified crops would be the biggest environmental disaster of all time.

Europe's first plastic bridge is open

[Civil & Structural] - 12/08/2008 - Europe's first plastics road bridge is now ready for use. The carriageway slab of the bridge is made of fibreglass-reinforced polymer, which was glued onto two steel bearers.

New technology to improve wind farm siting

[Energy] - 12/08/2008 - Researchers at the University of Salford have begun working on a device to ensure that wind farms are sited in the places where they will operate to their top potential.

Chemical engineering jobs

[Energy] - 11/08/2008 - Hydro employs 22,000 people in more than 30 countries, their values of respect, courage and co-operation make working more of a challenge than a chore.

Will German rival to London's black cabs catch on?

[Electrical/Electronic] - 08/08/2008 - They are as ubiquitous in London as red double-decker buses and as much of a symbol of the British capital as Big Ben, but change is afoot for the black taxi cab.

Military lead U.S. into the green

[Climate Change] - 08/08/2008 - The U.S. military has a history of fostering change, from racial integration to development of the Internet. Now,their green energy efforts will help America fight global warming.

Engineering and technology businesses still recruiting

[Civil & Structural] - 06/08/2008 - Businesses in the engineering and technology sector are continuing to expand and recruit new staff despite the gloomy state of the economy.

Take the lead at Tarmac

[Electrical/Electronic] - 06/08/2008 - As part of the National Graduate Management Scheme, Tarmac has an opportunity for an Electrical Project Engineer.

Wanted: Engineering apprentices!

[Energy] - 06/08/2008 - ERIKS UK are keen to recruit Apprentices to ensure the continued success and growth of the company.

Flight Crew Training: Advanced Technology - Threat or Opportunity?

[Aerospace] - 06/08/2008 - The Royal Aeronautical Society will hold its third annual international Flight Crew Training Conference in London on 24-25 September 2008.

Fujitsu phones to drive overseas growth

[Telecommunications] - 06/08/2008 - Fujitsu expects phones, not PCs, to drive overseas growth, denting speculation that it would raise its stake in a PC joint venture with Siemens AG.

Green revolution emerges in China

[Climate Change] - 06/08/2008 - China, pilloried as the world's biggest polluter, has quietly taken a lead in moving to a low carbon economy.

"Great Rail Robber" jailed

[Civil & Structural] - 05/08/2008 - A thief who used a crane to steal five lorry-loads of track from one of Britain's busiest railway lines has been jailed for nearly three years.

Mining giants lure new talent

[Civil & Structural] - 05/08/2008 - Two of the world's biggest mining companies are attracting young talent into the industry by setting up summer school courses in Leeds.

Alcatel-Lucent dumps CEO and chairman

[Telecommunications] - 30/07/2008 - Alcatel-Lucent ousted its chairman and CEO on Tuesday and lowered profit expectations yet again - further evidence that Asian rivals, Ericsson and Nortel are taking market share.

Birds fly north

[Climate Change] - 30/07/2008 - Birds have been moving north in Europe over the past 25 years because of climate change in the vanguard of likely huge shifts in the ranges of plants and animals.

A new generation of engineers

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/07/2008 - Leading motorsport and automotive technology specialist, Prodrive, is supporting Greenpower to promote engineering to young people across the UK.

New Fast-Track Graduate Programme

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/07/2008 - READ Well Services has announced a new scheme to fast-track graduates into careers within the company's Petroleum Technology Group (PTG).

Wolfson cuts jobs

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/07/2008 - Wolfson Microelectronics that makes chips for products including Apple Inc's iPhone will be cutting jobs due to consumer downturn.

Academic success for BAE Engineer

[Aerospace] - 24/07/2008 - The University of Huddersfield welcomed Lead Manufacturing Engineer of BAE Systems Paul Needham, to its graduation award ceremonies last week.

Open your mind to engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 23/07/2008 - The School of Engineering & Design at Brunel University has various open days in September. Find out about courses from Mobile Computing to Motorsport Engineering!

Engineering apprentices on target

[Civil & Structural] - 23/07/2008 - Apprentices from the engineering sector took centre stage at the recent Learning and Skills Councils Apprenticeship Awards 2008.

Need to know: construction

[Civil & Structural] - 22/07/2008 - Construction offers a range of different qualifications and routes for developing the skills and competence employers require.

Robert J Hall acquired by Color Expert

[Civil & Structural] - 22/07/2008 - Robert J Hall Ltd has announced that it has been acquired by painting and decorating tools firm Color Expert, based in Germany.

Apply now for Sound Engineering courses

[Electrical/Electronic] - 22/07/2008 - Choose from 6 exciting courses depending upon your interest and your level of expertise and experience.

Environmental education

[Energy] - 22/07/2008 - Eco-conscious head teacher Richard Dunne is working to unite a Surrey community in an attempt to drive environmental education of their school children forward.

BMW Group, UK's cleanest premium motor manufacturer

[Energy] - 22/07/2008 - BMW Group products are officially the cleanest premium cars following independent, industry-wide research into CO2 emissions.

Alternative solar power company raises $30 mln

[Energy] - 22/07/2008 - UK-based solar power company G24 Innovations has raised $30 million from specialist investors 4RAE and expects further funding rounds.

GKN Aerospace wins Honeywell contract

[Aerospace] - 22/07/2008 - GKN Aerospace has won a lifetime contract expected to be worth over USD 750m with Honeywell Engines for nacelle systems.

What to do? Join O2!

[Telecommunications] - 22/07/2008 - With O2 Apprenticeships, you can train, study and work with our support. It’s the best of both worlds: the chance to gain a valuable NVQ AND work experience.

Climate change film fiasco

[Climate Change] - 22/07/2008 - A Channel 4 documentary that claimed man-made climate change is a fraud broke strict broadcasting rules on impartiality.

UK watchdog clamps down on mobile service vendors

[Telecommunications] - 17/07/2008 - Vendors offering mobile services such as ringtones and SMS news alerts in Britain could have such services temporarily suspended if they fail to allow users to easily stop subscriptions.

Career opportunities at KONE

[Electrical/Electronic] - 16/07/2008 - Get a head start on your career in one of the world's leading elevator, escalator and door companies. KONE is a global company, driven by technology and focused on the customer.

Engineering on track

[Civil & Structural] - 15/07/2008 - Network Rail has fast-track courses for the right people with an interest in engineering into the railway industry - giving you the chance to work on some of the biggest projects in the industry.

Miners vs multinationals

[Civil & Structural] - 15/07/2008 - The illegal miners had left their mark. Tools, explosives, sacks and ropes lay beside chopped power cables some 2,300 ft below ground in AngloGold Ashanti's Obuasi mine in Ghana.

Dare to be Digital

[Electrical/Electronic] - 15/07/2008 - Dare to be Digital, in association with Channel 4 has just kicked off at Goldsmiths, University of London.Find out more about this exciting Computer games design competition.

Blackstone confirms 1 bln euro German wind park deal

[Energy] - 15/07/2008 - Private equity firm Blackstone Group LP said it would invest more than 1 billion euros ($1.6 billion) to build and manage what it called the North Sea's largest offshore wind park.

Australia considers first new coal port for 25 yrs

[Energy] - 15/07/2008 - Australia, the world's biggest per-head greenhouse-gas polluter, is considering its first new coal export port for 25 years.

Greenhouse emissions endanger health

[Energy] - 15/07/2008 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that greenhouse gas emissions endanger human health, a critical finding that has languished in bureaucratic limbo.

Handset market growth slows

[Telecommunications] - 15/07/2008 - The global economic slowdown has started to crimp demand for new cellphones, leading top handset research house Gartner to lower its market growth forecast.

Valley turns from guns to roses

[Climate Change] - 15/07/2008 - Just as the sun breaks through the mist shrouding Bulgaria's Stara Planina mountains, hundreds of villagers hustle through fields of rose bushes to pick fresh blooms still damp with morning dew.

Aerospace apprentices off to flying start

[Aerospace] - 10/07/2008 - The aerospace and engineering sector was strongly represented in the national Apprenticeship Awards.

Power of Aluminium Awards

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - The winners of the Power of Aluminium Young Designer Awards have now been announced, with students from London South Bank University taking three out of the four awards up for grabs.

Housebuilding jobs slump in summer

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - Two of Britain's biggest builders Bovis Homes and Redrow are cutting 40% of their workforces,to cope with the deepening depression in the housing market.

Gehry brings design to England

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - Architect Frank Gehry, whose distinctive asymmetric, curved buildings are admired the world over, has unveiled his first structure in England.

Acergy profits rise

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - Norwegian oilfield engineering group Acergy posted a 10 percent rise in pretax profit for the second quarter on Wednesday.

UK mortgage pain rises

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - The cost of taking out a new fixed-rate mortgage in Britain surged last month.

More housebuilding jobs go

[Civil & Structural] - 09/07/2008 - Two of Britain's biggest builders Bovis Homes and Redrow are cutting 40 percent of their workforces, about 750 jobs in total.

Pioneer to launch Blu-ray recorders

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/07/2008 - Pioneer plans to launch Blu-ray DVD recorders by the end of the year, taking aim at a rapidly growing market after the end of a bitter format battle.

University steps up software

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/07/2008 - Mechanical engineering students will soon hone their 3D CAD skills using SolidWorks Education Edition software as they prepare for professional careers.

Cutting standby power use

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/07/2008 - European Union states approved a proposal for dramatic cuts in standby electricity consumption by household and office electrical appliances.

Serious skills shortages in engineering industry

[Energy] - 09/07/2008 - Society of Operations Engineers are demanding greater support for engineers as threats face the industry and more has to be done to attract a new generation of engineers.

A wind of change

[Energy] - 09/07/2008 - The founder of wind energy company Airtricity, sold last year for €1.9 billion and wants to raise €300 million to fund a new company Mainstream Renewable Power.

Germans warm to nuclear energy

[Energy] - 09/07/2008 - Soaring oil prices combined with fears about energy security and climate change are softening Germans' hostility towards nuclear energy.

Leak smaller than thought

[Energy] - 09/07/2008 - Areva said that a leak of liquid containing uranium from a site in southeastern France was smaller than initially thought.

Airbus to launch successor to A320

[Aerospace] - 09/07/2008 - European aircraft maker Airbus is planning to launch the successor generation of A320s in 2014 and put them in service around 2018.

Rerun of aerial tanker contest

[Aerospace] - 09/07/2008 - U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates plans an "expedited recompetition" for $35 billion worth of new aerial refueling tankers.

Fans queue for iPhone

[Telecommunications] - 09/07/2008 - Seeking to be one of the world's first to grab the new-generation iPhone, fanatical Apple fans around Asia are queuing up two days before its launch.

MTN, Reliance exclusive talks

[Telecommunications] - 09/07/2008 - South African mobile phone operator MTN Group and India's Reliance Communications have extended exclusive talks.

The Rippleffect

[Climate Change] - 09/07/2008 - The fuel crisis will pale in comparison to the impact that limited water supplies and resulting price hikes could have if businesses continue current consumption levels.

Solar industry gets jitters

[Climate Change] - 09/07/2008 - A Spanish bonanza of solar power subsidies may hit a serious brake in September as Madrid prepares to curb support.

G8 patches up climate deal

[Climate Change] - 09/07/2008 - Group of Eight leaders patched together a deal to fight climate change at a summit that wound up on Wednesday.

Peru mining strike continues

[Civil & Structural] - 02/07/2008 - A mining strike in Peru entered its second day affecting production at some mines, while workers at others said they were still deciding whether or not to join the nationwide walkout.

Design student saves firm cash

[Civil & Structural] - 02/07/2008 - Student Nathan Wright will be celebrating his award-winning design for a non-return valve (which he designed while on industrial placement) as it saves cash for a pump firm.

Sony's soaring gadgets

[Electrical/Electronic] - 02/07/2008 - Sony is seeing little or no sign of softer demand among U.S. consumers for its range of digital TVs, cameras and computer goods despite a weakening economy.

Landmark alliance in Aberdeen

[Energy] - 02/07/2008 - An historic alliance between offshore operators and contractors was made in Aberdeen setting out a landmark partnership approach to tackling the oil and gas industry's skills issues.

Energy boosts euro zone factory prices

[Energy] - 02/07/2008 - Soaring energy costs pushed euro zone producer prices up, reinforcing speculation the European Central Bank may rise interest rates more than once this year.

Cathay Pacific tumbles

[Aerospace] - 02/07/2008 - Shares in airline Cathay Pacific tumbled as much as 7.8% to a 2yr low after it warned of disappointing first-half earnings due to high fuel prices.

Lufthansa cancel flights

[Aerospace] - 02/07/2008 - Lufthansa cut 40 flights and did not rule out further cancellations as workers carried out warning strikes to pressure the airline in a dispute over pay.

Nokia signs Warner music deal

[Telecommunications] - 02/07/2008 - Nokia signed a deal with Warner Music Group to make Warner titles available through its "Comes With Music" service and Nokia music store.

G8 climate change chaos

[Climate Change] - 02/07/2008 - G8 leaders have a 50-50 chance of agreeing next week on a global goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

Carbon trade threatening Australian firms

[Climate Change] - 02/07/2008 - Australian businesses, particularly large energy companies, will be forced to close doors unless they are allowed to pass on the cost of carbon emissions trading to consumers.

Get informed!

[Civil & Structural] - 26/06/2008 - University of Greenwich Open Day - Saturday 5th July 2008 10am to 3pm Find out about courses in architecture, construction, engineering and more...

Oil and Gas Law Course

[Civil & Structural] - 26/06/2008 - The Department of Law at the Robert Gordon University has launched the first one year postgraduate masters degree in oil and gas law which is delivered solely online.

Solution to skills shortages lies in recruiting women

[Electrical/Electronic] - 26/06/2008 - A new briefing reveals that only 27 % of women with Science, Engineering and Technology degrees go into jobs within these fields, compared with 54 % of their male counterparts.

Software for Lab Labelling

[Electrical/Electronic] - 26/06/2008 - Printed labels reduce errors, are more secure, and are easier to read than any hand marking. The IdentiLab software was designed to make it quick and easy to create lab-specific labels.

Anti-wind "myths & facts"

[Energy] - 26/06/2008 - BWEA, the body representing the UK’s wind, wave and tidal industry sets facts straight on costs of renewables.

Brown launches "green revolution" energy plan

[Climate Change] - 26/06/2008 - UK set out plans for a 10-fold increase in renewable energy within 12 years in a scheme welcomed for its ambition but also criticised.

Rotating skyscraper plans for big cities

[Civil & Structural] - 25/06/2008 - After taking in an expansive view of Manhattan from a friend's apartment, architect David Fisher came up with a way to make the most of a good location - a rotating building.

Fast thinking - Low carbon racing cars

[Civil & Structural] - 24/06/2008 - Student engineers who have built low carbon racing cars hope to follow in Lewis Hamilton's footsteps as they take part in the Formula Student competition.

Last chance for funding

[Electrical/Electronic] - 24/06/2008 - The deadline for submission of entries for the London Technology Fund Competition is 30th June 2008. Prizes include a share of up to 1m in investment funding.

SolidWorks Robotics University

[Electrical/Electronic] - 24/06/2008 - A stimulating alternative to bumming around and playing video games, SRU is a free, online, independent study robotics academy for robotics enthusiasts.

Germans join power grid venture

[Energy] - 24/06/2008 - German renewable energy companies want to take part in the reorganisation of the German power grid, the head of German solar energy company SolarWorld said.

Boeing turns on 787 Dreamliner

[Aerospace] - 24/06/2008 - Boeing Co completed the process of switching power onto a 787 Dreamliner more than a year after it was originally scheduled.

Nokia to buy UK's Symbian

[Telecommunications] - 24/06/2008 - Nokia will pay $410 million for the remaining shares in UK-based Symbian and make its software royalty-free to boost phone sales.

3D model to combat Blue Tongue Virus

[Climate Change] - 24/06/2008 - A large 3D model of the Blue Tongue virus has been created by WMG engineering researchers that will help biologists devise new ways to combat the virus.

Planet's polluters taking lead

[Climate Change] - 24/06/2008 - The world's major cities are also among the planet's worst polluters but they have the solutions to most of their problems at their fingertips.

Opportunity in climate protection

[Climate Change] - 24/06/2008 - A new study shows that vast savings in greenhouse gas emissions are possible if Europe would implement smarter waste management.

Bristol boasts engineering courses

[Civil & Structural] - 18/06/2008 - There is a long history of civil engineering within the University and past professors include such well-known people as Pippard – who introduced strain energy methods into Britain.

Jaguar Land Rover create nearly 600 jobs

[Electrical/Electronic] - 18/06/2008 - Jaguar Land Rover is launching a recruitment drive to attract up to 600 new employees. The focus of the campaign will be to recruit engineers for exciting new technology and product development programmes.

Corus supports student races

[Energy] - 18/06/2008 - For the tenth year in succession, Corus, the international steel company, is once again supporting some of Europe's leading student race teams.

Gulf oil economies join forces

[Energy] - 18/06/2008 - The oil-fired economies of the Gulf are an international force to be reckoned with, creating world-class companies and using their windfall profits to diversify away from oil.

German engineer sold secrets to Russia

[Aerospace] - 18/06/2008 - A Munich court sentenced a German engineer to 11 months probation for passing industrial secrets from helicopter maker Eurocopter to the Russian secret service.

Phone makers still confident

[Telecommunications] - 18/06/2008 - South Korean cellphone makers and rival Sony Ericsson forecast robust handset sales, defying worries that a slowing U.S. economy will hurt consumer demand.

Orange goes green

[Climate Change] - 18/06/2008 - Orange is launching a freestanding wind powered mobile phone charging station, giving festival goes another option to charge their phones.

New diplomas will fail pupils for the working world

[Electrical/Electronic] - 12/06/2008 - The new diplomas, due to be introduced in September, will be catastrophic for the education system and will not prepare students for the working world in the slightest.

Tokai University to compete at Le Mans

[Electrical/Electronic] - 12/06/2008 - Product Development Company, announced that Tokai University, who will be competing in its first Le Mans race developed its competition vehicle with Pro/ENGINEER,3D software.

Oil fields untapped for 40 million years

[Energy] - 12/06/2008 - Pioneering research by Aberdeen experts is to help unearth major potential new oil fields, which have lain undiscovered and untapped for over 40 million years.

Recruitment drive for Antech

[Energy] - 12/06/2008 - AnTech, a specialist design and manufacturing company announces the company's aggressive recruitment campaign for graduate engineers.

Oil fields untapped for 40 million years

[Energy] - 12/06/2008 - Pioneering research by Aberdeen experts is to help unearth potential new oil fields, which have lain undiscovered and untapped for over 40 million years.

Britain holds nuclear summit

[Energy] - 12/06/2008 - Britain will meet around 80 senior nuclear power industry players to help the government plans of new nuclear power stations.

Lufthansa hike fuel charges

[Aerospace] - 12/06/2008 - Germany's two biggest airlines, Lufthansa and Air Berlin, plan to raise the surcharges they impose on passengers to offset soaring fuel costs.

EADS war of the drones

[Aerospace] - 12/06/2008 - EADS hit back at French rivals in a race to build unmanned military aircraft saying it hoped for a deal to build surveillance drones.

Citi tips climate change

[Climate Change] - 12/06/2008 - Climate change and infrastructure are two major investment themes for the next few years being pushed by Citi wealth managers, part of Citigroup Inc.

Spanish construction in severe slowdown

[Civil & Structural] - 10/06/2008 - Spain's residential construction sector is in a severe and necessary slowdown, which has sharpened this year due to tightening credit conditions.

Celebrating engineering

[Civil & Structural] - 10/06/2008 - The best in the world of engineering will be celebrated this winter when the Institution of Engineering and Technology Ambition and Achievement awards are announced.

All Eyes on Printed Electronics

[Electrical/Electronic] - 10/06/2008 - Printed electronics was first seen as a way of sharply reducing the cost of everything from lighting to personal electronics, now there are more developments.

World-class collaboration

[Energy] - 10/06/2008 - Qatar Petroleum, the Qatar Science & Technology Park, and Shell, will contribute up to $70 million, to a collaboration for new CO2 storage technologies

EADS war of the drones

[Aerospace] - 10/06/2008 - EADS hit back at French rivals in a race to build unmanned military aircraft saying it hoped for a deal to build surveillance drones this year.

Talented for T-mobile?

[Telecommunications] - 10/06/2008 - They're a leading communications company but also a close-knit team of talented people with diverse range of skills, working together to make T-Mobile a favourite with UK customers.

Opportunity in climate protection

[Climate Change] - 10/06/2008 - A new study shows that vast savings in greenhouse gas emissions are possible if Europe would implement smarter waste management.

UK economy is hostage to oil

[Climate Change] - 10/06/2008 - The UK's economy cannot make a sustainable recovery until it breaks free of its dependence on oil, an expert at the University of Liverpool is warning.

Steelmakers raise alarm on CO2 policy

[Civil & Structural] - 05/06/2008 - Steelmakers raised the alarm anew over European Commission proposals to make electricity producers buy permits to emit greenhouse gases.

Toshiba sees the light

[Electrical/Electronic] - 05/06/2008 - Toshiba aims to increase sales at its lighting operations in 12 years by phasing out incandescent lights and switching to energy-saving LEDs.

Britain’s seas open for business

[Energy] - 05/06/2008 - UK wind industry trade association has welcomed news of a speeded up timetable for allocating the next generation of offshore wind farm sites.

Johnson Matthey profit up 16%

[Energy] - 05/06/2008 - Johnson Matthey beat forecasts with a 16% rise in annual profit driven by environmental legislation.

German spying scandals return

[Telecommunications] - 05/06/2008 - A spate of chilling snooping scandals involving some of their country's biggest corporations has unsettled Germans.

World Environment Day update

[Climate Change] - 05/06/2008 - The United Nations urged the world to kick the habit of producing carbon dioxide, saying everyone must act to fight climate change.

BASF sees strong trend continuing

[Climate Change] - 05/06/2008 - BASF will benefit further from booming agricultural markets as farmers seek more chemicals to kill fungi, weeds and bugs to boost crop output.

UK construction activity plummets

[Civil & Structural] - 03/06/2008 - British construction activity dropped last month at its sharpest pace in at least a decade as falling house prices and tight credit took their toll.

Outokumpu up production

[Civil & Structural] - 03/06/2008 - Outokumpu said it would invest €420 million to double production at its ferrochrome plant in Finland.

SanDisk eyes low-cost PCs

[Electrical/Electronic] - 03/06/2008 - SanDisk targets ultra low-cost PCs and business-use laptops to drive demand for its solid-state drives.

Malaysia subsidy pumps prices

[Energy] - 03/06/2008 - Malaysia said it would scrap fuel price controls in August in a move that could double Asia's second-cheapest pump prices and stoke inflation.

European Biofuels Expo 2008

[Energy] - 03/06/2008 - The 3rd European Biofuels Expo & Conference will be held at the Newark Showground, Nottinghamshire on 15th & 16th October 2008.

Blast hits Australia gas plant

[Energy] - 03/06/2008 - Gas supplies to Western Australia are expected to be disrupted for days after an explosion at an offshore plant.

Boeing, Cathay Pacific sign deal

[Aerospace] - 03/06/2008 - Boeing and Cathay Pacific have signed an agreement for an Integrated Materials Management solution to reduce the airline's operating costs.

Nokia Siemens replaces base stations

[Telecommunications] - 03/06/2008 - Nokia Siemens Networks has replaced 18,000 base stations made by its rivals as telecom carriers vie for lower operational costs.

G8 tackles food, fuel prices

[Climate Change] - 03/06/2008 - Soaring prices at Europe's supermarkets and petrol stations require a coordinated response by the world's top eight economies.

Prices, mortgage growth fall

[Civil & Structural] - 30/05/2008 - House prices in Ireland dropped for the 14th consecutive month in April, falling by 9.2 percent year-on-year.

Crane collapses in NYC

[Civil & Structural] - 30/05/2008 - A large crane collapsed in New York City on Friday, killing one person and damaging an apartment building.

German solar cuts

[Electrical/Electronic] - 30/05/2008 - Germany's ruling parties have reached a deal to reduce support for the solar energy sector in coming years by far less than feared.

Nokia project delayed

[Electrical/Electronic] - 30/05/2008 - Chipmaker Infineon warned on wireless profits and sales, saying a project to supply Nokia had been delayed.

Rio Tinto takeover

[Energy] - 30/05/2008 - BHP Billiton, the world's biggest mining group, has formally filed with the European Commission for clearance to take over rival Rio Tinto.

Oil bounces above $127

[Energy] - 30/05/2008 - Oil prices bounced back above $127 a barrel on Friday after a U.S. regulatory probe made dealers wary.

Fish in fuel protest

[Energy] - 30/05/2008 - Spanish fishermen handed out free fish in Madrid on Friday while thousands of fellow seamen blew whistles outside the Fisheries Ministry.

Emissions exemption curtailed

[Energy] - 30/05/2008 - Norway's environmental authorities have denied StatoilHydro's application for an unlimited exemption to emission limits from a gas plant.

Silverjet grounds flights

[Aerospace] - 30/05/2008 - Britain's Silverjet became the third London-New York business-class airline to run out of money on Friday and grounded its fleet.

Air Berlin scraps routes

[Aerospace] - 30/05/2008 - German carrier Air Berlin has abandoned its full-year profit goal and says it will scrap unprofitable routes.

Alcatel Lucent pleads for time

[Telecommunications] - 30/05/2008 - Alcatel Lucent appealed to shareholders on Friday to give it time to tap into future growth in telecoms despite a sector crisis.

BT may lift UK network charges

[Telecommunications] - 30/05/2008 - British telecoms group BT may be allowed to increase the charges it levies on rivals for using its network.

Best way to spend cash

[Climate Change] - 30/05/2008 - A panel said that spending more on freeing world trade, vaccinating children against diseases and improving education would give high returns for humanity.

EU cuts in fishing quotas

[Climate Change] - 30/05/2008 - The European Commission said on Friday it will make deeper than usual cuts in fishing quotas in 2009.

Nabucco pipeline cost rises

[Civil & Structural] - 29/05/2008 - Costs to build and run the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline to bring Caspian gas to Europe have soared to €7.9 billion.

VW, Sanyo develop lithium-ion batteries

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/05/2008 - Sanyo and VW said they would jointly develop lithium-ion batteries, joining an intensifying race to provide the key component for the next generation of hybrid cars.

Infineon, Nokia project delayed

[Electrical/Electronic] - 29/05/2008 - Chipmaker Infineon warned on wireless profits and sales, saying a project to supply Nokia had been delayed.

British Energy opens training facility

[Energy] - 29/05/2008 - British Energy's state of the art training facility, the Nuclear Power Academy, opens in Barnwood, Gloucestershire.

Holes in cluster bomb ban

[Aerospace] - 29/05/2008 - An agreement banning cluster bombs has cheered human rights campaigners, but powerful military states are refusing to join it.

Airbus feels oil price bite

[Aerospace] - 29/05/2008 - Airbus is starting to feel the pain of the high price of oil and is bracing for airline customers to delay and even cancel orders.

Africa to pay $71 bln mobile tax

[Telecommunications] - 29/05/2008 - Taxes are strangling the growth of the mobile phone industry in sub-Saharan Africa, with most mobile operators expected to pay $71 billion in tax by 2012.

France Telecom taps banks for loan

[Telecommunications] - 29/05/2008 - France Telecom has approached banks seeking to arrange a €10 billion loan facility to finance an unspecified acquisition.

Russia wins gas emissions rights

[Climate Change] - 29/05/2008 - Russia has won rights to emit or sell licences for extra greenhouse gases equivalent to France's total annual output.

Aveva profit up 70%

[Civil & Structural] - 27/05/2008 - British engineering technology company Aveva Group Plc posted a 70% rise in annual profit, helped by high energy prices.

Hitachi: not interested in GE's appliances unit

[Electrical/Electronic] - 27/05/2008 - Hitachi Ltd, Japan's largest electronics conglomerate, said it is not interested in acquiring General Electric Co's appliances operations.

WiFi on Trains Gains Momentum

[Electrical/Electronic] - 22/05/2008 - Major European, US and Asian operators are rapidly following the UK's lead and introducing on-board, high-speed wireless internet connections for their passengers.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

[Energy] - 22/05/2008 - Report released which examines how automakers and battery developers are approaching the possibilities of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Biofuels backlash

[Energy] - 13/05/2008 - A backlash against biofuels could have the unintended consequence of intensifying a rally in the cost of energy.

Alitalia posts loss

[Aerospace] - 13/05/2008 - Alitalia SpA will report a first-quarter pretax loss of around 280 million euros.

Another Airbus delay

[Aerospace] - 13/05/2008 - Planemaker Airbus announced another delay in deliveries of its A380 superjumbo on Tuesday.

Have the energy to work in Energy?

[Energy] - 08/05/2008 - British Energy is a company that encourages continued professional development, operating to the highest safety standards and within the strictest environmental legislation.

Why oil prices are high

[Energy] - 06/05/2008 - U.S. crude oil hit an all-time high of $122 a barrel on Tuesday due to a number of worldwide factors. Here is a quick look at why prices are so high.

Free UK digital satellite TV

[Telecommunications] - 06/05/2008 - A digital satellite television service from broadcasters ITV and the BBC launched across Britain on Tuesday.

Sector Overview

[Engineering] - 18/04/2008 - Faced with the challenge of international competition the UK engineering industry has been transformed. Whilst it is unlikely that we will see a return to the high numbers that were employed in manufacturing up to the mid-1980s, other areas of engineering

Postgraduate Options

[Engineering] - 18/04/2008 - There are some careers where a postgraduate qualification is a necessity. Whilst engineering is not such an area, there is evidence that engineering employers do value the additional knowledge and skills the qualification offers.

Working in the Sector

[Engineering] - 18/04/2008 - The employment opportunities are diverse with analysts predicting continued growth across the industry over the next ten years.

Take a Year Out

[Engineering] - 18/04/2008 - Every year a high percentage of graduates decide to take a break from study or work by taking a year off. For most, this will involve travelling or doing a voluntary/community project at home or overseas.

Career Progression

[Engineering] - 18/04/2008 - It is important for employees of all disciplines to update their skills, experience and understanding of technological advancements. For engineers it is vital.

Missing airline baggage up

[Aerospace] - 17/04/2008 - Airline passengers suffered more delays than ever in retrieving their luggage last year as 42 million bags went missing.

Berlusconi opens door a crack

[Aerospace] - 16/04/2008 - Silvio Berlusconi said he could permit Alitalia's sale to Air France-KLM if the ailing Italian carrier was given equal footing in a deal, softening his previous stance on the takeover.

Sacyr sets Eiffage exit

[Civil & Structural] - 09/04/2008 - Spanish building firm Sacyr Vallehermoso said it will sell its 33.3 percent stake in France's Eiffage.

Union eyes higher pay

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/04/2008 - Germany's biggest industrial union IG Metall said it would probably make a higher pay demand than last year.

Conergy sticks to targets

[Electrical/Electronic] - 09/04/2008 - Stricken German solar power systems maker Conergy stuck to its outlook as it strives to return to profit next year.

Norilsk set to avoid suit

[Energy] - 09/04/2008 - Norilsk Nickel appears likely to avoid a $178 million pollution suit after the head of Russia's environment agency disowned a claim.

E.ON to speed power plant sales

[Energy] - 09/04/2008 - Utility E.ON plans to try and sell some 5,000 megawatts of German power generation capacity either this year or next.

Oil nears record high

[Energy] - 09/04/2008 - Oil jumped to more than $111 a barrel on Wednesday, within sight of a record high.

Tapping the bond market

[Telecommunications] - 09/04/2008 - Deutsche Telekom and miner Anglo American raised 2.5 billion euros ($3.9 billion) in the European corporate debt market.

TietoEnator bidder denial

[Telecommunications] - 09/04/2008 - Nordic Capital denied on Wednesday it was aiming to merge Norway's EDB Business Partner with Finnish-Swedish TietoEnator.

France Telecom to launch TV service

[Telecommunications] - 09/04/2008 - France Telecom Chief Executive Didier Lombard said on Wednesday the company would launch its new Orange television service.

Ingenico eyes growth

[Climate Change] - 09/04/2008 - Ingenico is to widen its business to add more high value services that often offer better margins.

Cement companies' negotiators

[Civil & Structural] - 08/04/2008 - Venezuela said the world's top three cement companies whose local units are being nationalized need to appoint negotiators.

Cairn's shares dip

[Civil & Structural] - 08/04/2008 - Shares in Cairn Energy dropped on concerns that production of crude from its core Rajasthan fields could be delayed.

Insider deal motives

[Aerospace] - 08/04/2008 - AMF has detailed reasons why a group of 17 top managers at EADS and its Airbus unit might have sold shares with insider knowledge.

U.S. space funding

[Aerospace] - 08/04/2008 - The United States was in danger of losing its edge in space to countries like China and India absent major funding increases.

Radio for next generation cellular puts strain on equipment makers

[Telecommunications] - 18/03/2008 - The move to high speed cellular systems, all IP networks and the next generation architectures is putting strain on the equipment developers, especially for the radio stages of the network.

BT Openreach takes home networking challenge

[Telecommunications] - 18/03/2008 - Being a staunch advocate of a hybrid copper/fiber FTTN-based access network, BT’s Openreach division raised eyebrows earlier this year when it announced the launch of a GPON-based FTTP trial this summer in Ebbsfleet Valley in Kent, one of many new housing

Landlords find deals in U.S.

[Civil & Structural] - 17/03/2008 - The U.S. housing crisis and credit crunch may end the American dream of property ownership for millions of people.

World sanitation goals slip

[Energy] - 17/03/2008 - Judged by its sewers, the world is not doing well. Only 3 in 10 people now have a connection to a public sewerage system.

How to water a parched city

[Climate Change] - 17/03/2008 - The Tanzanian soldiers burst into the water utility in Dar es Salaam last month and demanded to be shown the main distribution taps.

Oil prices rising

[Energy] - 16/03/2008 - Oil markets are rising due to speculation and the U.S. dollar's fall, not to a lack of petroleum production, OPEC President Chakib Khelil said on Sunday, the official Algerian news agency APS reported.

Alitalia agrees sale

[Aerospace] - 16/03/2008 - Nearly bankrupt Italian carrier Alitalia has agreed to be bought by Air France-KLM, the world's biggest airline by revenue, for a smaller-than-expected sum of $184 million and a pledge to buy back bonds.

Space station robotic handyman

[Aerospace] - 16/03/2008 - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station put their new mechanical maintenance man through a trial workout.

Climate change could brown Ireland

[Climate Change] - 16/03/2008 - Climate change could turn Ireland's legendary emerald landscape a dusty tan, with profound effects on its society and culture.

Japan's space lab set

[Aerospace] - 15/03/2008 - Spacewalking astronauts will work on assembling a Canadian robotic system on Saturday following the successful installation of the first segment of Japan's lab.

'Green' energy demand means more jobs

[Civil & Structural] - 14/03/2008 - Growing U.S. demand for alternative energy is boosting job creation and investment in renewable fuels and energy efficiency technology.

Hitachi facing another loss

[Electrical/Electronic] - 14/03/2008 - Japanese electronics maker Hitachi Ltd said it would post its second straight annual net loss, hit by poor TV sales and a tax write down.

Sharp to sell cell phones in China

[Electrical/Electronic] - 14/03/2008 - Sharp Corp will start selling cell phones in China ahead of the Beijing Olympics, targeting the high-end market in the rapidly growing economy.

X-ray generator power supplies

[Energy] - 14/03/2008 - Designed for use in industrial and analytical X-ray systems and low-energy industrial radiography applications.

Spain's Caja Mediterraneo

[Civil & Structural] - 13/03/2008 - Spanish savings bank Caja Mediterraneo said on Thursday its level of solvency was "comfortable" and well above the minimum decreed by the Bank of Spain.

Delays threaten refinery construction programme

[Civil & Structural] - 10/03/2008 - A report in Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) newsletter has highlighted the mounting delays in the tendering process for Saudi Aramco's three joint-venture (JV) refineries, two of which are being developed with France's Total and ConocoPhillips, respect

Bi-stable displays gain momentum

[Electrical/Electronic] - 10/03/2008 - LCD is the dominant display technology for most electronic products, including televisions and computer monitors.

Parker secures US$1bn Airbus deal

[Aerospace] - 10/03/2008 - Parker Aerospace has been selected by Airbus to supply both the fuel and hydraulic systems for its new A350 extra-widebody (XWB) aircraft.

Modular illuminated pushbutton switches

[Telecommunications] - 10/03/2008 - E-Switch's new, modular MDP-16 series of illuminated pushbutton switches feature many illumination options.

Halt rush for the Arctic's oil

[Climate Change] - 10/03/2008 - WWF report highlights concerns over potential environmental impact over rush to exploit newly accessible oil reserves

E.ON deal by end-March

[Civil & Structural] - 06/03/2008 - Enel expects "substantial" developments in talks to sell assets worth billions of euros to Germany's E.ON by the end of March, the Italian power producer's chief executive said on Thursday.

Nuclear fast-track

[Energy] - 06/03/2008 - Britain said on Thursday it was making up to 18 more sites available for the next generation of nuclear power stations and signalled an acceleration of its plans for new reactors.

Network reform due?

[Energy] - 06/03/2008 - UK energy regulator Ofgem is to study whether 20-year old regulations can keep Britain's gas and electricity networks running effectively in future, the body said on Thursday.