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Keyboard skills

[IT] - 16/08/2012 - David Camerson called for compulsory competitive sport to be included in the National curriculum for all children. According to Scott Fletcher, we also need to include 'competitive' keyboard skills if we are to protect the future of Britain’s burgeoning

Employment & Education

[Research] - 08/08/2012 - Despite more than one million young people being unemployed many UK employers are finding it difficult to recruit young British workers.

ITC taught in schools

[IT] - 03/08/2012 - Government should capitalise on the astonishing success of the Raspberry Pi computer to ensure that coding is taught in schools as a priority says Gary David Smith - co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.

STEM opportunities

[Pharmaceuticals] - 02/08/2012 - Huw James, science communication consultant, adventurer and host of the 2012 Technology Horizons Awards, comments on the level of student interest in STEM subjects.

Pushing science to its limits

[Research] - 02/08/2012 - Cambridge Science Festival is hoping to break new boundaries in celebration of London 2012 as it asks ‘How fast can Usain Bolt run?’ and takes ‘A mathematical look at the Olympics’.

Britain runs on 78 million mugs of tea

[Food & Drink] - 19/06/2012 - British workers turn to tea to stay sharp in the workplace, despite the encroachment of coffee into our national culture, a new study out today has revealed.

Science of the sprout

[Food & Drink] - 22/12/2011 - Young scientists at the Eden Project are testing their DNA for the gene that may answer the eternal Christmas dinner conundrum: why can't some people stand Brussels sprouts?

Internet engineering apprenticeships

[IT] - 21/12/2011 - Anthony Rushton, co-founder of one of Britain’s leading internet engineering companies, Telemetry, is accepting applications for apprenticeships at the firm.

Computer programming should become 'the new Latin'

[IT] - 21/12/2011 - Charles Armstrong - a government technology advisor - has thrown his weight behind the snowballing campaign to upgrade the teaching of ICT (information and communications technology) in our schools.

EU Kids Online

[IT] - 14/12/2011 - Sweden has one of Europe's highest rates of Internet use among children. The increasing number of children online implies increasing opportunities – but also risks.

World AIDS Day

[Healthcare] - 29/11/2011 - Students from Bangor University will converge in the city’s Cathedral next Wednesday (1st December) for Bangor’s annual World AIDS Day service.

Have we met before?

[Research] - 08/11/2011 - Have you ever been approached by someone whose face you recognise but whose name you can’t remember? Neuroscientists have identified the reasons behind why we are, at times, unable to link a face to a name.

Food for students

[Food & Drink] - 05/11/2011 - Students at The University of Nottingham are challenging the stereotypical student diet of pot noodles and frozen pizzas with the help of the region’s food producers.

IT-centric GCSE

[IT] - 05/10/2011 - As a graduate recruiter that is dedicated to combating the IT skills shortage, FDM Group has spoken out in support of the introduction of an industry focused GCSE.

Britain’s African communities

[Research] - 22/09/2011 - 8 students from University of Nottingham have been named among Britain’s 100 outstanding graduates in a scheme backed by Boris Johnson. They will feature in Future Leaders magazine, inspiring young people from Britain’s African and African Caribbean commu

IT jobs in Brighton

[IT] - 15/09/2011 - The birthplace of the UK's largest IT graduate employer,Brighton, has been hailed as one of the UK's 'geekiest' cities.

IT opportunities

[IT] - 30/08/2011 - According to recent reports, only 9% of students studying A-level Computing and 15% of those reading the subject at university are female. FDM Group urges girls to consider IT A levels as the gender gap widens.

Therapy for teenagers

[Research] - 23/08/2011 - Researchers at The University of Nottingham are to investigate whether the therapeutic effects of clay modelling could help disturbed teenagers deal with their feelings of anger, anxiety and depression.

Benefits of pomegranate juice

[Food & Drink] - 06/08/2011 - New university study finds that pomegranate juice reduces stress hormone levels in British workers.

Teenage dietary problems

[Food & Drink] - 31/05/2011 - Medical scientists at the University of Leicester are urgently tackling a rising tide of teenage dietary problems through an education programme for over 800 secondary school students.

Side effects of drugs

[Pharmaceuticals] - 20/05/2011 - Research has shown that patient reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions is richer in detail and better at describing the impact on their daily lives than information provided by health care professionals.

Events at the Science Museum

[Research] - 12/05/2011 - Catch a 3D movie, jump on a simulator, visit an exhibition, and encounter the past, present and future of technology. Visit one of London’s best tourist attractions and come face to face with science as it happens.

IT career advice

[IT] - 08/04/2011 - As the world wakes up to the realisation that the IT sector underpins the production of every other industry, a career within the field is becoming more and more desirable.

Free IT advice

[IT] - 08/04/2011 - Luther Knight, an undergraduate at City University London in Islington, has launched Digitally Maintained - a technical support service run by student volunteers. It aims to give both individuals and organisations free advice on IT issues.

Signs of breast cancer

[Healthcare] - 28/03/2011 - With over 44,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer annually in this country, continued breast cancer research, in particular investigations into the early signs of the disease, are as important as ever.

Health sector jobs

[Healthcare] - 22/03/2011 - The NHS is a huge organisation and there are roles ranging from porters to accountants, healthcare assistants, gardeners , to ambulance drivers and switchboard operators.

National Science & Engineering Week

[Pharmaceuticals] - 15/03/2011 - To celebrate National Science & Engineering Week 2011’s theme of Communication, the British Science Association have put together a rundown of ten of the most notable scientific miscommunications, mistakes, muddles and misunderstandings.

Keeping soft fruit ‘fur-free’ for longer

[Food & Drink] - 03/03/2011 - A new way of improving the shelf life of soft fruit like strawberries and raspberries is being pioneered by researchers at The University of Nottingham.

Epilepsy Week

[Healthcare] - 25/02/2011 - Businesses across the country are being urged to take part in purple themed events between International Purple Day (26 March) and Epilepsy Week (w/c 15 May) to help change the lives of the 60,000 young people living with epilepsy in the UK.

Getting the most out of exercise

[Healthcare] - 17/02/2011 - New research at the University of Essex could help athletes train to their maximum potential without putting undue pressure on their muscles.

Quality Street celebrates 75 years

[Food & Drink] - 11/02/2011 - Nestlé is celebrating 75 years of its revolutionary confectionery assortment Quality Street in the United Kingdom this year.

Could social media be used to detect disease outbreaks?

[IT] - 11/02/2011 - New research has looked at whether social media could be used to track an event or phenomenon, such as flu outbreaks and rainfall rates.

Chocolate Orange Study

[Food & Drink] - 04/02/2011 - Could chocolate and oranges help prevent frailty in old age? A study which hopes to establish the health benefits from cocoa and vitamin C is looking for male volunteers 18–28.

Disadvantages of morning after pill

[Healthcare] - 02/02/2011 - Offering the morning after pill free over the counter has not reduced the number of teenage pregnancies and may be associated with a rise in sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs).

Germs on buses and trams

[Healthcare] - 18/01/2011 - You are six times more likely to end up at the doctors with an acute respiratory infection (ARI) if you have recently used a bus or tram. Find out more...

Bangor Science Festival

[IT] - 18/01/2011 - Express your views in a song, a video, a photograph! Two competitions for young people, focusing on science and environmental themes, and offering amazing cash prizes, are being launched at Bangor University.

Events at the Science Museum

[Environment/Energy] - 12/01/2011 - The Science Museum in London is hosting various free events throughout the year, from 'climate change' to 'astronauts', you're sure to find a topic that interests you.

Bee challenged

[Food & Drink] - 21/12/2010 - Honeybees can learn to avoid nectar containing natural plant toxins but will eat it when there is no alternative, scientists at Newcastle University have found.

Manchester scientists discover new way of seeing

[Research] - 17/12/2010 - University of Manchester scientists have found that a new type of light sensitive cell (photoreceptor) in the eye helps the brain measure brightness.

How to become a hacker

[IT] - 01/12/2010 - EC-Council and Firebrand Training have teamed-up to offer a webinar that teaches you how to become an ethical hacker. With the rate of cyber attacks doubling every year, IT security has become a valuable profession.

Festival of Science and Engineering

[Research] - 24/11/2010 - Secondary schools and after school clubs in the Surrey area are invited and encouraged to take part in the Surrey SATRO Festival of Science and Engineering.

Studying physics

[Research] - 12/11/2010 - At present, around 500 schools send no students on to do physics A-level. Analysis shows that the shortage of specialist physics teachers - 4000 too few across England - is a direct cause of reduced participation in physics.

Taking the fear factor out of cancer

[Pharmaceuticals] - 03/11/2010 - It is the second most deadly disease in the Western world and one of the most feared diagnoses a patient can face. A new book is aiming to improve our understanding of cancer.

The camera never lies - or does it?

[Research] - 03/11/2010 - Physical attractiveness might be determined by the way people move their faces and alter their voices, instead of by the way they look.

Conservation Careers

[Environment/Energy] - 25/10/2010 - Anita Diaz, a Senior Lecturer in Ecology at Bournemouth University, explains how a simple childish inquisitiveness about the natural world turned into a career of exploration and interaction with the environment.

Psychological therapy

[Healthcare] - 15/10/2010 - A new report released by Mind for the We Need To Talk coalition has called on the Government to fulfil its promise to make psychological therapies available across the country to people who need them.

Free government data

[Research] - 15/10/2010 - A series of free classes is being held across the UK to teach the general public about how to analyse the increasing amount of national data being made available via the internet, while avoiding the pitfalls of interpreting statistics.

Effects of too much TV

[IT] - 15/10/2010 - Children who spend longer than two hours in front of a computer or television screen are more likely to suffer psychological difficulties, regardless of how physically active they are.

Removable chewing gum

[Food & Drink] - 05/10/2010 - The world's first easily removable and degradable chewing gum has been launched on the multi-billion dollar US consumer market.

Effects of wearing high heels

[Research] - 24/09/2010 - With ballroom dancing once again on our screens, all eyes are on the sequins and steps. But scientists are looking at the health effects of high heels.

Dark chocolate

[Food & Drink] - 10/09/2010 - Studies have shown that one or two 19-30 gram servings of chocolate per week containing a high percentage of cocoa solids can reduce the risk of heart failure in older women.

Excuses for not doing homework

[IT] - 08/09/2010 - Tech-savvy schoolchildren are coming up with more extravagant excuses for failing to submit homework on time, a recent report reveals.

Weight Survey

[Healthcare] - 01/09/2010 - 64% of Britons say they don't have time to diet according to an online survey of 1,230 respondents published by lifestyle weight-loss specialists All About Weight.

Mission to the edge of space

[Research] - 26/08/2010 - As the incredible Red Bull Stratos mission grows near to realisation, the Stratos team have revealed the custom camera system that will record and broadcast Felix Baumgartner's journey to the edge of space.

Careers in Science

[IT] - 26/08/2010 - It's really disappointing to see that over 55% of students are still not considering a career in science or technology.

Students' expedition uncovers over 100 new caves

[Environment/Energy] - 25/08/2010 - Over 100 new caves have been discovered on the Greek Island of Crete, thanks to students from the University of Sheffield's Speleological Society.

Toyota's environmental plan

[Environment/Energy] - 18/08/2010 - Following a one-year pilot study, Toyota Great Britain (TGB) has rolled-out its 8-Step Environmental Plan to their network of more than 200 retailers.

Study suggests high stress levels may delay women getting pregnant

[Healthcare] - 18/08/2010 - Healthy women trying for a baby may have reduced chances of becoming pregnant in any month if they are stressed.

Measuring the speed of thought

[Research] - 10/08/2010 - If the eyes are the window to the soul, psychologists hoping to solve the mystery of why our neural impulses do not always trigger an immediate response could find the answer in the flick of the eye.

Alcohol facts

[Food & Drink] - 05/08/2010 - Knowing the facts about how drinking affects your body is the best way to make sure you drink safely.

Impact of hayfever on exams

[Healthcare] - 05/08/2010 - Researchers have given recent evidence suggesting that poorly controlled hayfever can adversely impact on exam performance.

IT jobs for women

[IT] - 05/08/2010 - A recent survey has revealed that three out of four organisations still aren’t reaching out to female IT talent.

Diabetes developments

[Research] - 22/07/2010 - Scientists could be one step closer to developing a unique painkiller for millions of people worldwide with diabetes.

What do you get when you cross humour with science?

[IT] - 21/07/2010 - A joke-generating computer programme, created by Aberdeen scientists to help children develop their language skills, has launched online.

Healthy diet advice

[Food & Drink] - 30/06/2010 - When it comes to healthy diet advice it can be a nightmare deciding what's junk and what's genuine. It's actually quite simple to get a balanced diet - just eat the right amount of foods from all the food groups.

Music of the Sun

[Environment/Energy] - 22/06/2010 - Musical sounds created by longitudinal vibrations within the Sun's atmosphere, have been recorded and accurately studied for the first time by experts at the University of Sheffield.

Food security

[Food & Drink] - 22/06/2010 - A pioneering project in the Philippines, which aims to develop a new, higher-yielding rice plant which could ease the threat of hunger for the poor, is being led by an academic at the University of Sheffield.

World Cup in South Africa

[Research] - 22/06/2010 - The presentation of the Capello Index last month caused quite a stir in the English press. But it's really an attempt to inject some scientific objectivity into the world of football.

Free gym membership

[Healthcare] - 15/06/2010 - Researchers at the University of Bath are offering free gym membership to school leavers in Wiltshire who take part in a study to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

The effects of caffeine

[Research] - 15/06/2010 - The stimulatory effects of caffeine may be nothing more than an illusion according to new research, which shows there is no real benefit to be gained from the habitual morning cup of coffee.

UK company wins top European environment Award

[Environment/Energy] - 08/06/2010 - Findus Group UK has won the 2010 European Business Awards for the Environment with their 'Fish for Life': supporting sustainable fisheries project.

Ice cream competition

[Food & Drink] - 08/06/2010 - A culinary whizz from the University of Sheffield, smashed world records at the Sheffield Food Festival by whipping-up a litre of ice cream in 10.34 seconds.

Food cravings

[Food & Drink] - 08/06/2010 - Why do we get intense desires to eat certain foods? Food cravings are a common experience and recent studies have been examining the psychology underlying food cravings and how they may be controlled.

Teenage Hacking Survey

[IT] - 08/06/2010 - Despite 78% agreeing that it is wrong, 1 in 4 of UK's children have tried their hand at hacking into others' Facebook accounts mostly by surreptitiously using the victims passwords.

Keepy Uppy Competition

[Healthcare] - 20/05/2010 - In the run-up to Diabetes Week and the Football World Cup, Diabetes UK has launched a keepy uppy competition to find the most unusual location that a person can do a series of keepy uppies.

Teenagers celebrate step towards career in medicine

[Research] - 20/05/2010 - Youngsters have been celebrating at the University of Sheffield after completing phases of an outreach programme, designed to help them achieve their dreams of becoming doctors.

Pupils try their hand at forensic chemistry

[Research] - 18/05/2010 - Around sixty students from schools in the South West will have the chance to try their hand at forensic-style chemistry at the Salters' Festival of Chemistry.

The benefits of breakfast

[Food & Drink] - 10/05/2010 - Researchers at the University of Bath are looking for volunteers to take part in an innovative project designed to explore how important breakfast is to our health.

Red crabs lead the way in endurance running

[Research] - 06/05/2010 - Not even professional athletes would consider running a marathon without any training, but this is essentially what Christmas Island red crabs do every year.

First Aid Action

[Healthcare] - 22/04/2010 - Up to 150,000 people a year could be given a chance to live if more people knew first aid, says charity St John Ambulance, as it launches a hard-hitting campaign to encourage more people to learn this vital skill.

Biology questions

[Research] - 19/04/2010 - Have you ever wondered why a giraffe has a long neck? What enables the brain to multi-task? You can find out the answers to these and many other questions by looking at a new biology website.

A pill for every ill?

[Pharmaceuticals] - 12/04/2010 - New research shows a marked rise in expenditure on prescription drugs and in the number of prescribed medicines being dispensed in recent years.

Music therapy fails dyslexics

[Healthcare] - 12/04/2010 - There is no link between a lack of musical ability and dyslexia. Moreover, attempts to treat dyslexia with music therapy are unwarranted, according to scientists in Belgium

Our newest ancestor

[Research] - 12/04/2010 - In a discovery that could rewrite the story of human evolution, scientists working in South Africa have uncovered the skeletal remains of a new species of ancient human.

Family tree research

[Research] - 12/04/2010 - While most people derive pleasure and satisfaction from researching their ancestry, for some it brings to light "secrets and skeletons".

Computing competition

[IT] - 12/04/2010 - Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years are invited to take part in the software add-ons competition and to use their inventiveness and sense of technology to create innovative solutions to improve their computer environment.

The Big Freeze

[Environment/Energy] - 01/04/2010 - The main cause of a rapid global cooling period, known as the Big Freeze or Younger Dryas, which occurred nearly 13,000 years ago,has been identified.

Reasons to eat chocolate!

[Food & Drink] - 01/04/2010 - Easter eggs and other chocolate may be good for you, according to research that shows just one small square of chocolate a day can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Tackling the obesity epidemic

[Food & Drink] - 29/03/2010 - 24% of the UK population is clinically obese and England has the highest prevalence of obesity in the European Union.

Natural antioxidants

[Food & Drink] - 25/03/2010 - Using spices eaten in the Mediterranean diet as natural antioxidants is a good way forward for the food industry, given the beneficial health effects of these products.

Born to dance

[Research] - 25/03/2010 - Researchers have discovered that infants respond to the rhythm and tempo of music and find it more engaging than speech.

Quit Smoking app for the iPhone

[IT] - 25/03/2010 - To coincide with 'No Smoking Day', the Department of Health UK has released the first official NHS 'Quit Smoking' app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

UK films encourage smoking

[Healthcare] - 23/03/2010 - Tobacco imagery and product placement in best-selling films is nearly twice as likely to occur in those which originate from the UK than internationally.

Aromatherapy oils could kill superbug

[Research] - 23/03/2010 - Essential oils could kill the deadly MRSA hospital 'superbug' according to scientists at the University of Brighton.

Bad behaviour

[Healthcare] - 15/03/2010 - What do we really know about risky behaviours such as smoking, drinking and taking drugs? An event organised by the University of Bristol this week, part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, aims to find out.

Personal stereo volume could damage hearing

[Healthcare] - 12/03/2010 - A device that can measure the volume of personal stereo headphones will be used to educate people about the potentially damaging effects that they pose to people’s hearing.

What makes a meal taste good?

[Food & Drink] - 11/03/2010 - Why do some foods taste terrible when others are absolutely delicious? Is it the ingredients, the way they have been grown and cooked, or simply the mood we are in today?

The benefits of exercise

[Healthcare] - 22/02/2010 - Emphasising the emotional benefits of exercise is more effective at increasing levels of physical activity than highlighting traditional health benefits.

Free dental checks for dogs

[Healthcare] - 22/02/2010 - To highlight the issue of gum disease in dogs Bristol University’s Langford Veterinary Services (LVS) will be offering free dental checks-ups for dogs during March as part of national Oral Care Month.

Breast cancer symptoms

[Healthcare] - 10/02/2010 - Around 1.6 million women receive NHS breast screening a year. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, knowing the questions to ask can help you to understand more about your condition and the treatment.

The science behind sudoku

[Research] - 09/02/2010 - A psychologist has written a new brain training book designed to give the reader a thorough mental work out, whilst also answering the scientific questions about how brain training works.

Help make diabetes a priority

[Healthcare] - 04/02/2010 - With over 10,000 Facebook fans, over 2,500 followers on Twitter, and many more supporters across other sites - diabetes is in the spotlight with the 'Get Serious' campaign. Join in!

The benefits of Paracetamol

[Pharmaceuticals] - 03/02/2010 - The commonly-used painkiller Paracetamol can protect against kidney failure after severe muscle injury, according to research at the University of Essex.

A left-handed view

[Research] - 28/01/2010 - Despite the almost universal association of the right with life, right, positive and good things, and the left with death, inadequacy, negative and bad things, recent research shows that left-handed people hold the opposite association.

Blueberry juice improves memory

[Food & Drink] - 21/01/2010 - Scientists are reporting the first evidence from human research that blueberries, one of the richest sources of healthful antioxidants and other so-called phytochemicals, improve memory.

Health discrimination

[Healthcare] - 21/01/2010 - Figures show that 5 years on from the first Count Me In census people from black and minority ethnic communities remain 3 times more likely than average to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

The dangers of social networking

[IT] - 20/01/2010 - A recent study reveals how dangerous it can be for people to divulge so much personal information on social networking sites.

Talking about addiction

[Healthcare] - 14/01/2010 - Changing the words used to describe someone struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction may significantly alter the attitudes of health care professionals, even those who specialize in addiction treatment.

Help computers understand language and win some cash

[IT] - 14/01/2010 - Phrase Detectives, a fun online game designed by University of Essex researchers to gather data about language, is celebrating its first birthday with a special competition.

Scientists find 'missing link' between heart failure and environment

[Healthcare] - 13/01/2010 - Scientists have found what they believe is the "missing link" between heart failure, our genes and our environment. The study could open up completely new ways of managing and treating heart disease.

A new orchid pollinater

[Research] - 13/01/2010 - An orchid researcher has used motion sensitive night cameras to capture the first known occurrence of a cricket functioning as a pollinator of flowering plants.

Human evolution

[Research] - 07/01/2010 - The teeth of a 30,000-year-old child are shedding new light on the evolution of modern humans, thanks to research from the University of Bristol.

Cocaine addiction

[Research] - 06/01/2010 - A recent study shows that a bacterial protein may help cocaine addicts break the habit.

Staff Christmas parties

[Research] - 17/12/2009 - A UK survey of managers across health and social care found that nearly two thirds of them believe that Christmas parties are important in helping improve employee engagement.

Fight against youth crime

[Healthcare] - 16/12/2009 - The first cross-government strategy specifically designed to break the link between poor health and youth crime has been launched.

The Astronaut's Cookbook

[Food & Drink] - 03/12/2009 - Most people are intimately familiar with the awe-inspiring photos of space shuttle launches. But how many people have paused for even a second to think about what those astronauts eat when they're on a two-week space shuttle mission?

Science Success

[Research] - 03/12/2009 - A University of Aberdeen research scientist, Alex Brand (53), who only entered the profession at the age of 40, has been awarded the Medical Research Council New Investigator Grant.

How to avoid hackers

[IT] - 03/12/2009 - Businesses are being urged to secure their IT defences against hackers who are ready to take advantage of skeleton staff in IT departments over the holidays.

Drug users know their stuff

[Research] - 26/11/2009 - Drug users are well informed about the harms associated with the drugs they use, and perceive alcohol and tobacco to be amongst the most dangerous substances.

Males have more personality

[Research] - 25/11/2009 - Males have more pronounced personalities than females across a range of species - from humans to house sparrows - according to new research.

Beauty benefits of chocolate

[Healthcare] - 24/11/2009 - A recent study provides evidence of the ACTICOA chocolate's anti-aging properties.

How do we use visual sense to guide behaviour?

[IT] - 24/11/2009 - How people perceive the visual world around them and how they use their visual sense to guide behaviour will be explored, thanks to a £390,000 grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Women at risk from vitamin A deficiency

[Healthcare] - 18/11/2009 - Almost half of UK women could be suffering from a lack of vitamin A due to a previously undiscovered genetic variation, scientists have found.

Does Wellbeing Equal Being Well?

[Healthcare] - 12/11/2009 - With a range of government policy documents addressing wellbeing, it has become a major point of discussion and a driver for service redesign across the mental health sector.

Can chocolate cure stress?

[Food & Drink] - 11/11/2009 - New research has found that eating about 40 grams of chocolate a day, for two weeks, reduced levels of stress hormones in the bodies of people feeling highly stressed.

How to manage pain

[Healthcare] - 10/11/2009 - An experimental study examining the perception of pain and the effects of various mental training techniques has found that a relatively short and simple meditation method can have a significant positive effect on pain management.

Science meets business in the Dragon's Den

[Research] - 10/11/2009 - Two winning teams of scientific entrepreneurs from the University of Sheffield braved a 'Dragon's Den' style judging panel to soar into the finals of an innovative biotechnology competition.

The behaviour of cats

[Research] - 10/11/2009 - Why do cats behave as they do and what do they really think of people? These questions will be answered along with an exploration of cat behaviour at a free talk this month.

Protecting frontline troops

[IT] - 05/11/2009 - A team of researchers at Queen's University Belfast is working to develop futuristic communications systems that could help protect frontline troops.

Illuminating the brain

[Research] - 03/11/2009 - The majority of our life is spent moving around a static world and we generate our impression of the world using visual and other senses simultaneously.

Energy saving technology

[Environment/Energy] - 29/10/2009 - The time and money needed by business and public sector organisations to introduce carbon emission monitoring measures could put a strain on future investments in technology that can actually lower the energy bill.

A running state of mind

[Healthcare] - 28/10/2009 - A University of Wolverhampton sports professor is researching the psychological state of runners as part of a high-profile new project and is seeking keen runners who would be willing to participate.

Water without borders

[Environment/Energy] - 22/10/2009 - A student-led charity that focuses on eradicating poverty and removing barriers to international development through engineering will come together this weekend to highlight research projects from around the country.

Training for medical students

[Pharmaceuticals] - 21/10/2009 - Medical students are to be offered management training under a new scheme launched by The British Association of Medical Managers

Jobs in the food industry

[Food & Drink] - 21/10/2009 - Job prospects for food scientists and food technologists in the UK are excellent, according to the leading Food and Nutritional Science department at the University of Reading.

Alexandra Burke campaigns

[Healthcare] - 21/10/2009 - Chart-topping singer Alexandra Burke is calling on young people affected by diabetes to join Diabetes UK's new campaigners network for under-18s.

The benefits of eating vegetables

[Food & Drink] - 20/10/2009 - Decades of studies have documented the link between eating a diet rich in vegetables and multiple health benefits, yet nearly eight out of 10 people worldwide fall short of the daily recommendation.

'Virtual' success for rugby players

[IT] - 20/10/2009 - Rugby players worldwide could benefit from a new virtual reality training programme created at Queen's University Belfast.

Breast cancer screening

[Healthcare] - 14/10/2009 - Cancer charities will join Gordon Brown to highlight the lifesaving importance of breast cancer screening.

Biomedical Science jobs

[Pharmaceuticals] - 13/10/2009 - Biomedical Science graduates at the University of Essex are bucking the trend when it comes to students having trouble finding jobs after their degrees.

Videogame Festival

[IT] - 08/10/2009 - GameCity Squared - Nottingham’s annual videogame festival will be taking place this year from 27 – 31 October 2009.

University goes green

[Environment/Energy] - 06/10/2009 - Birmingham City University has been awarded the Bronze EcoCampus Award for its commitment to addressing key issues of environmental sustainability.

Name that cow!

[Research] - 06/10/2009 - Newcastle scientists who found that cows with names produce more milk have won a major international award.

Liquorice may affect IQ

[Research] - 06/10/2009 - Expectant mothers who eat excessive quantities of liquorice during pregnancy could adversely affect their child's intelligence and behaviour, a study has shown

Quick surgery

[Pharmaceuticals] - 29/09/2009 - 75% of surgical patients would consider allowing a competent unsupervised trainee doctor perform their operation if it meant having it done more quickly.

Why it's hard to be good

[Research] - 23/09/2009 - Being seen as either well behaved or naughty at school is never entirely in the hands of the individual child, a recent study shows.

Cost-effective computing

[IT] - 23/09/2009 - The cost of a home PC and related software could come down significantly within a few years if the current trend for internet based computing continues.

Why you should join a group

[Healthcare] - 10/09/2009 - The quality of a person's social life could have an even greater impact than diet and exercise on their health and well-being. Being part of a social group can reduce the risk of dementia and even the common cold.

New benefits of vitamin C

[Research] - 10/09/2009 - Researchers have studied new protective properties of vitamin C in cells from the human skin, which could lead to better skin regeneration.

Researchers rebuild a voice

[Research] - 03/09/2009 - A new technique designed to reconstruct the voices of people who have had their vocal cords removed, has been applied by researchers at the University of Sheffield.

The benefits of podcasting

[IT] - 03/09/2009 - In an age where digitisation and technology is continually developing, it is amazing to consider the possibilities and opportunities that are available among existing mediums.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

[Healthcare] - 26/08/2009 - One in seven people cannot name a single symptom of cancer, according to a Cancer Research UK survey published recently.

Why do we sleep?

[Research] - 26/08/2009 - Humans and many other animals share at least one thing in common: They sleep. Humans, in fact, spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep, but sleep researchers still don't know why.

Visual effects scholarships

[IT] - 18/08/2009 - Scholarships for twelve aspiring Visual Effects artists have been put up for grabs by computer graphics academy Escape Studios for its visual effects course.

New IT course

[IT] - 13/08/2009 - This September CompTIA is launching the UK’s first completely independent course in IT fundamentals, to help people begin a career in the ITC sector.

Eat up! - for the climate's sake

[Environment/Energy] - 12/08/2009 - A piece of advice to all who wish to be climate smart: eat up what's on your plate. And don't imagine that locally produced food is always more eco-friendly.

Scientists develop harvesting robot

[Research] - 12/08/2009 - Researchers have developed imaging technology to be used in an intelligent harvesting machine that could minimise wastage and solve an impending labour shortage for UK farmers.

Planning English football fixtures

[IT] - 12/08/2009 - Can computers solve the logistical nightmare of planning English football fixtures? Professor Graham Kendall from the School of Computer Science at The University of Nottingham believes so.

Yoga linked to mindful eating

[Food & Drink] - 05/08/2009 - Regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating, and people who eat mindfully are less likely to be obese, according to a study.

Misleading cigarette packaging

[Healthcare] - 28/07/2009 - Research suggests that current regulations have failed to remove misleading information from cigarette packaging, revealing that many consumers believe cigarettes are less hazardous when the packs display words such as "silver" or "smooth'.

Bacterial infection captured on film

[Research] - 28/07/2009 - Researchers have developed a new technique that allows them to make a movie of bacteria infecting their living host.

Tips for a healthy diet

[Food & Drink] - 16/07/2009 - If a diet is bad for the teeth it is also bad for the body: Dental disease may be a wake-up call that your diet is harming your body.

Safely on the move

[Research] - 14/07/2009 - How can rescue units be better protected during disaster operations or avalanche victims be found quicker? A new localization system connects satellite-based positioning systems with terrestrial locating aids and situation-dependent sensory systems.

Researchers identify genes that cause melanoma

[Pharmaceuticals] - 09/07/2009 - Scientists from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have found two new genes that together double a person's risk of developing melanoma.

Is obesity an oral bacterial disease?

[Healthcare] - 09/07/2009 - New research published in the June issue of the Journal of Dental Research suggests that oral bacteria may contribute to the development of obesity.

New dimensions of hard disk storage

[IT] - 09/07/2009 - Scientists from universities in the UK and Vienna have found a new way to increase the storage capacity of hard disks using green technology.

Researchers unveil whiskered robot rat

[Research] - 07/07/2009 - Scientists have developed a robot rat which can seek out and identify objects using its whiskers, showing how robots can help us examine the workings of the brain.

Events at the Science Museum

[Environment/Energy] - 23/06/2009 - The Science Museum is celebrating its hundredth anniversary. Find out about what will be on offer during the beginning of the Centenary year.

Green Week Conference 2009

[Environment/Energy] - 23/06/2009 - The biggest annual conference on European environment policy turns the spotlight this year on the multi-faceted challenges of climate change.

Computers Can Boost Literacy

[IT] - 23/06/2009 - Computers do not spell the demise of literacy - in fact, they may help to create one of the most literate and engaged generations the world has seen.

From the Glass to the Brain in 6 Minutes

[Food & Drink] - 16/06/2009 - Just one drink can quickly go to your head. For the first time, researchers prove the rapid, but reversible changes alcohol causes in human brain cells.

Students and sleep

[Research] - 10/06/2009 - Students who consider themselves to be evening types (that is someone who feels more alert later in the day) have poorer sleep hygiene scores than morning types.

Scottish whisky excels

[Food & Drink] - 09/06/2009 - All recruitment businesses should follow the lead set by the Scottish whisky industry, by pulling together to minimise impact on the environment.

Computer-related injuries on the rise

[IT] - 09/06/2009 - While back pain, blurred vision and mouse-related injuries are now well-documented hazards of long-term computer use, the number of acute injuries connected to computers is rising rapidly.

Is cherry juice a new 'sports drink?'

[Food & Drink] - 28/05/2009 - New research suggests natural anti-inflammatory power of tart cherries may help relieve post-exercise muscle pain.

All about alcohol

[Food & Drink] - 27/05/2009 - Recent studies reflect Britain's relationship to drink. It is a welcome development that more people, on average, are drinking within the recommended limits.

Employing people with Autism

[Research] - 27/05/2009 - For the first time charities, researchers, business and government were brought together to look at how people with Autism, and related disorders, can be supported effectively into employment.

Xbox forensics

[IT] - 05/05/2009 - A forensics toolkit for the Xbox gaming console could allow law enforcement agencies to scour the inbuilt hard disk of such devices and find illicit hidden materials easily.

Get some sleep!

[Healthcare] - 28/04/2009 - A recent Finnish study suggests that children's short sleep duration even without sleeping difficulties increases the risk for behavioral symptoms of ADHD.

When healthy menus backfire

[Food & Drink] - 22/04/2009 - Just seeing a salad on the menu seems to push some consumers to make a less healthy meal choice, according to a Duke University researcher.

Memory games

[Research] - 22/04/2009 - Thinking your memory will get worse as you get older may actually be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Lip-reading computers

[IT] - 22/04/2009 - Scientists at the University of East Anglia have created lip-reading computers that can distinguish between different languages.

Music helps heart disease patients

[Healthcare] - 15/04/2009 - Listening to music may benefit patients who suffer severe stress and anxiety associated with having and undergoing treatment for coronary heart disease.

Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision

[Healthcare] - 08/04/2009 - Video killed the radio star, the old song goes — but violent video games, a new study finds, can also improve the real-world vision of teens who play them.

How stress affects us

[Research] - 07/04/2009 - Can people's differing reactions to situations of stress be attributed at least in part to genetic differences and do those differences affect men and women in different ways?

Beating the back-up blues

[IT] - 07/04/2009 - That sinking feeling when your hard disk starts screeching and you haven't backed up your holiday photos is a step closer to becoming a thing of the past thanks to research into a new kind of computer memory.

The benefits of coffee

[Food & Drink] - 02/04/2009 - Stopping to smell the coffee and enjoy a cup of it before your morning workout might do more than just get your juices flowing. It might keep you going for reasons you haven't even considered.

Schizophrenia linked to diabetes

[Research] - 31/03/2009 - People with schizophrenia are at increased risk for type 2 diabetes, Medical College of Georgia researchers have found.

Networking soldiers

[IT] - 26/03/2009 - Imagine a platoon of soldiers fighting in a hazardous urban environment who carry personal digital assistants that can display the location of enemy shooters in 3D and accurately identify the caliber and type of weapons they are firing.

New way to battle MRSA

[Healthcare] - 25/03/2009 - Experts from Queen's University Belfast have developed new agents to fight MRSA and other hospital-acquired infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

Cause of mussel poisoning identified

[Food & Drink] - 24/03/2009 - The origin of the neurotoxin azaspiracid has finally been identified after more than a decade. The azaspiracid toxin group can cause severe poisoning in human consumers of mussels after being enriched in the shellfish tissues.

Robotic fish to analyse port pollution

[Environment/Energy] - 18/03/2009 - Researchers at the University of Essex have been awarded a share of £2.5 million to develop robotic fish that analyse and monitor pollution in a port.

Economic Chill

[Environment/Energy] - 18/03/2009 - A rising tide is said to lift all boats. Rising global temperatures, however, may lead to increased disparities between rich and poor countries.

Hope for Alzheimer's

[Pharmaceuticals] - 12/03/2009 - Researchers have revealed a direct relationship between two specific antibodies and the severity of Alzheimer's disease symptoms, raising hopes that a diagnostic blood test for the devastating disorder is within reach.

Is wood the new coal?

[Environment/Energy] - 12/03/2009 - Is wood the new coal? Researchers are working to turn woodchips into a substitute for coal by using a process called torrefaction that is greener, cleaner and more efficient than traditional coal burning.

What is good science?

[Research] - 12/03/2009 - Scientific knowledge is important in today's knowledge society. Research is the guarantor of the quality of knowledge, though it is often not clear how scientific research guarantees the reliability of knowledge.

'Where's Waldo?'

[Research] - 04/03/2009 - With assistance from the classic book character Where's Waldo?, researchers have recently made a major advance in understanding how the brain searches for objects of interest.

Apple peel appeal

[Food & Drink] - 19/02/2009 - Researchers are using software to measure variances in 'honeycrisp' apple peels.

Vision research

[Research] - 17/02/2009 - Scientists have, for the first time, used computer artificial intelligence to create previously unseen pictures to explore the abilities of the human visual system.

Careers in VFX

[IT] - 12/02/2009 - Learn the art of mixing computer generated objects into real-life footage with "Camera Tracking for VFX," a new online course from Escape Studios, which delves into the professional camera tracking techniques needed by aspiring 3D artists.

Who cares for the carers?

[Healthcare] - 28/01/2009 - Whilst losing a baby is distressing for parents, until now it has been less widely acknowledged that medical staff themselves can be affected by the losses experienced by their patients.

The truth about food adverts

[Food & Drink] - 21/01/2009 - In the first-ever study of food adverts in UK magazines, researchers found them filled with sugary, salt-filled options often contradicting the health messages the articles were trying to put across.

Could we reduce love to a pill?

[Research] - 08/01/2009 - Could a pill or a squirt up your nose save your marriage? Maybe, according to a researcher who is studying the chemical basis of that most elusive of emotions; love.

Studying Medicine

[Healthcare] - 06/01/2009 - The stereotypes of medical education from the student perspective: gruelling hours, little recognition, and even less glory. Why study medicine?

Are men more active than women?

[Research] - 06/01/2009 - Females of all ages are less active than their male peers. Two studies reveal the gender difference in activity levels among school children and the over 70s.

The benefits of a walk in the park

[Healthcare] - 23/12/2008 - If you spend the majority of your time among stores, restaurants and skyscrapers, it may be time to trade in your stilettos for some hiking boots.

Bees crave cocaine

[Research] - 23/12/2008 - Since its discovery in the 18th century, cocaine has been a scourge of western society. But this potent compound did not evolve to ensnare humans in addiction.

Fast food facts

[Food & Drink] - 18/12/2008 - A new study compares fast food and table service meals at restaurants. Results show that both are larger and have more calories than meals prepared at home.

Careers in policing, health & education

[Healthcare] - 18/12/2008 - 108 Kent school pupils have enrolled on a programme which aims to encourage young people to consider a career in policing, health or education.

Trainee opportunities at BASF

[IT] - 16/12/2008 - In 2009 BASF IT Services plans to take on 41 new trainees. When it comes to trainees, in the future the IT service provider will place still more emphasis on the Business Information Technologies dual curriculum.

New test for depression

[Research] - 03/12/2008 - A new universal test to predict the risk of someone succumbing to major depression has been developed by University College London researchers.

Was ancient Earth a lava time bomb?

[Environment/Energy] - 27/11/2008 - Ancient Earth suffered repeated episodes of catastrophic volcanism that buried much of its surface under up to 15 kilometres of lava, according to recent research.

Food company boosts career opportunities via online resource

[Food & Drink] - 26/11/2008 - Young people will soon have the chance to get a feel for the food and drink industry at the click of a mouse, through an exciting new online library of careers options.

New filtering technology

[Environment/Energy] - 20/11/2008 - Materials engineers have created a new type of membrane that separates oil from water and, if perfected, might be used for environmental cleanup, water purification & industrial applications.

Health regulators warn about tanning drug

[Healthcare] - 18/11/2008 - Health regulators warned people on Monday not to use an injectable tanning drug because its potential side-effects are unknown.

Mystery solved: How bleach kills germs

[Research] - 18/11/2008 - Bleach has been killing germs for more than 200 years but U.S. scientists have just figured out how the cleaner does its dirty work.

Computer games: matters of intelligence

[IT] - 18/11/2008 - Essex University has hosted a workshop for some of the UK’s leading experts in artificial intelligence and games technology.

Pharmaceutical jobs

[Pharmaceuticals] - 05/11/2008 - The Pharmaceutical Sales Industry is open to people from a wide range of backgrounds, not just graduates. Some representatives have left school at 16. Find out more at Star Medical.

Food and the First World War

[Food & Drink] - 05/11/2008 - A PhD student from the Department of History at Essex University, will talk about her research on the First World War at two events marking the 90th Anniversary of the Armistice.

Respond to drug analysis

[Research] - 05/11/2008 - The use of drugs in society has seen companies looking for staff with specific skills in drug analysis and toxicology. Universities should contribute too.

Dell asks workers to take unpaid vacation

[IT] - 05/11/2008 - Computer maker Dell has asked employees to consider taking up to 5 days of unpaid vacation as it struggles to cut costs in the face of weak global demand.

Celebrate National Occupational Therapy Week

[Healthcare] - 04/11/2008 - Students studying at Canterbury Christ Church University will celebrate National Occupational Therapy Week - Monday 3rd Nov until Friday 7th Nov by promoting their chosen profession to members of the public.

Scientists develop purple, cancer fighting tomato

[Research] - 28/10/2008 - A purple tomato genetically engineered to contain nutrients more commonly seen in dark berries helped prevent cancer in mice, according to British researchers.

Bees can count to four!

[Research] - 28/10/2008 - Researchers from the University of Queensland have discovered that bees can count to four, after conducting an experiment involving food.

AIDS virus may cause clots, early death

[Pharmaceuticals] - 22/10/2008 - The AIDS virus, HIV, may cause blood clots and other problems with blood vessels that can kill patients prematurely even if they are relatively healthy.

Foodmakers say crisis won't spoil French appetite

[Food & Drink] - 22/10/2008 - The financial crisis may be a time to tighten belts but the food-centric French are unlikely to go on a diet just yet, producers say.

Why eating males pays off

[Research] - 22/10/2008 - Female spiders who eat would-be suitors produce more babies, and those babies are stronger and bigger, than spiders who stick to more mundane fare.

Many biological medicines draw safety warnings

[Research] - 22/10/2008 - About a quarter of biological medicines approved in the United States and Europe since 1995 have triggered safety warnings in the years after entering the market.

Bushcraft course for students

[Environment/Energy] - 14/10/2008 - Students from the University of Essex have spent a day learning Ray Mears-style survival skills in the wilderness of Wivenhoe woods to enrich their academic studies of the environment.

Detect a linguistic link

[Research] - 14/10/2008 - Lovers of literature, language and grammar are invited to play Phrase Detectives, a fun web-based game from the University of Essex. career fair

[IT] - 14/10/2008 - career fair brings you face to face with leading games industry professionals and representatives of prominent colleges and universities. It's the perfect way to advance your interest in gaming professions.

Gene discovery may help hunt for blindness cure

[Research] - 13/10/2008 - Scientists have discovered a gene mutation linked to the most common cause of blindness in the developed world, holding out the prospect of better treatments and perhaps eventually a cure.

Green jellyfish protein scientists win Nobel

[Research] - 09/10/2008 - Two Americans and a Japanese researcher won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of a glowing jellyfish protein that makes cells, tissues and even organs light up.

Scientists close to cracking wheat's genetic code

[Food & Drink] - 07/10/2008 - Scientists believe they have found a way to map the hugely complex genetic code of wheat, the staple food for 35% of the world's population.

Pfizer to end heart, obesity drugs

[Pharmaceuticals] - 30/09/2008 - Pfizer will drop efforts to develop medicines for heart disease, obesity and bone health as part of its plan to focus research on cancer and five other therapeutic areas.

Sir David Attenborough to visit Salford University

[Environment/Energy] - 30/09/2008 - Sir David Attenborough will be speaking at Salford University on 7 October to mark the launch of the University’s new MA Wildlife Documentary Production.

Baobab: new taste for Europe

[Food & Drink] - 30/09/2008 - Its fruit has a tart, zesty taste-some say like sherbet. It's highly nutritious, and might be imbued with the souls of dead chieftains. If you live in Europe, it could be headed to a smoothie near you.

Scientists use pigs to try to beat cystic fibrosis

[Research] - 30/09/2008 - U.S. scientists have created pigs that appear to develop cystic fibrosis just as people do, a step they hope will accelerate efforts to tackle the disease.

Sri Lanka to grow its own marijuana

[Research] - 30/09/2008 - Facing a lack of the fresh weed for use in traditional Ayurvedic medical preparations, the government wants to be excepted from laws that have made marijuana illegal in Sri Lanka.

ITV to cut 1,000 jobs

[IT] - 30/09/2008 - ITV, Britain's largest commercial broadcaster, is to cut around 1,000 jobs including 430 from its news department as part of a cost-cutting drive.

Malaria campaigners hopeful

[Pharmaceuticals] - 09/09/2008 - Anti-malaria campaigners are confident that a deal can be reached with pharmaceuticals groups to cut the cost of new drugs needed to fight the disease.

Backing for satellite Internet project

[IT] - 09/09/2008 - Google and HSBC have thrown their weight behind a plan to provide cheap, high-speed Web access via satellite to millions in Africa and other emerging markets.

Science? Why not?

[Healthcare] - 04/09/2008 - The 2008 Manchester Science Festival aims to enthuse and inspire everyone about science, technology and engineering.

Carbon emissions escalate

[Environment/Energy] - 22/08/2008 - Air travellers may be fooling themselves with a feel-good green glow from offsetting their carbon emissions, according to critics of the system.

Cocaine threatens West Africa

[Healthcare] - 22/08/2008 - Cocaine smuggling is fanning political turbulence and undermining investment confidence in West Africa, as small nations are being transformed into "narco-states".

'Good' fat may be new weapon in obesity fight

[Food & Drink] - 21/08/2008 - A new understanding of the origins of brown fat cells - the "good" kind of fat that burns energy and keeps us warm, may lead to new treatments for obesity,

Young people are not being encouraged to study separate sciences

[Research] - 21/08/2008 - Whilst this year's GCSE results are likely to show record grades, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is concerned that young people are not being encouraged to study triple or separate sciences.

Scientists "listen" to plants to find water pollution

[Environment/Energy] - 15/08/2008 - Scientists in Israel have discovered a new way to test for water pollution by "listening" to what the plants growing in water have to say.

Time to invest in drugs?

[Pharmaceuticals] - 13/08/2008 - As investors seek shelter in uncertain stock markets, long-suffering pharmaceutical stocks are emerging as better bets than other sectors.

Knowledge of the morning-after pill lacking

[Healthcare] - 13/08/2008 - US Urban-living minority girls appear to lack general knowledge about emergency contraceptive pills, more commonly known as the "morning-after" pill.

Chemical Engineers back GCSE science revamp

[Research] - 13/08/2008 - Plans to allow top UK science students to study single-science GCSEs are being backed by the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Run for your life!

[Research] - 13/08/2008 - People who want to live a long and healthy life might want to take up running, according to a recent study.

Cancer patients at increased risk of suicide

[Research] - 13/08/2008 - Cancer patients often think about ending their lives and their suicide rate is roughly twice that seen in the general population.

Stress makes allergies worse

[Research] - 13/08/2008 - Psychological stress and anxiety can make seasonal allergy attacks worse and linger longer, according to recent research.

Spices may lessen consequences of high blood sugar

[Research] - 13/08/2008 - People with diabetes may want to start spicing up their diets, if new lab research findings prove true in humans.

e-skills new IT diploma

[IT] - 13/08/2008 - e-skills mission is to ensure the UK has the skills it needs to compete in the global economy, bringing together employers, educators and Government to address technology-related skills issues.

Food Studies course starting autumn 2008

[Food & Drink] - 11/08/2008 - The UK food industry is in the grip of a skills shortage. Food and drinks firms are crying out for potential employees who have a technical understanding of production and processing methods.

Electronically speaking

[Research] - 08/08/2008 - In the latest twist on electronics, Japanese scientists developed a rubbery material that conducts electricity, a finding that could be used to make devices that bend and stretch.

Industry wants top pupils to study extra sciences

[Research] - 08/08/2008 - Britain's brightest schoolchildren should be required to study 3 sciences from the age of 14 to counter a shortage in suitably qualified employees.

WHO publishes how-to guide on fighting AIDS

[Pharmaceuticals] - 06/08/2008 - What is the best way to set up an AIDS testing clinic? Which are the best drugs to give to people infected with HIV?

Recycled Sculpture Show 2008

[Environment/Energy] - 06/08/2008 - The recycled Sculpture Show 2008 exhibition is at London Zoo until 5th September aims to connect with people through the innovative & creative transformation of waste.

More than just a management scheme

[Food & Drink] - 06/08/2008 - Marks & Spencer has a reputation for offering quality that's a cut above the rest. Their trainee management programme is no exception.

UKRC offers fellowships to leading female researchers.

[Research] - 06/08/2008 - The UK Resource Centre for Women in SET, in partnership with L'Oreal, announces the winners of the UK and Ireland Fellowships for Women in Science 2008.

Video game helps young cancer patients

[Research] - 06/08/2008 - Playing a specially designed video game can help adolescents and young adult cancer patients adhere more closely to their prescribed treatment.

Herpes decimates oysters

[Research] - 06/08/2008 - A herpes virus is killing young oysters in France because they have spent too much energy developing their sexual organs rather than their natural defences.

Stretched for cocoa butter

[Research] - 06/08/2008 - Applying cocoa butter lotion during pregnancy does not help prevent the stretch marks that many women develop, according to a new study.

Hitachi opens 'Advanced Scanning Electron Microscope Facility'

[IT] - 06/08/2008 - Hitachi opens 'Advanced Scanning Electron Microscope Facility' at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University.

Mass poisoning of pine trees

[Environment/Energy] - 30/07/2008 - Authorities in Cyprus are investigating the destruction by poisoning of hundreds of trees on the Mediterranean island.

Toshiba tumbles

[IT] - 30/07/2008 - Japanese electronics maker Toshiba made its first quarterly loss in three years as memory chip prices fell and sales of chips used by Sony slowed.

Patients to blame for drug errors

[Healthcare] - 29/07/2008 - Fatal mistakes on the part of patients in how the drugs they are prescribed should be safely used are skyrocketing, according to a study.

Hospitals "plagued by vermin and pests"

[Healthcare] - 29/07/2008 - Hospitals in the UK are frequently plagued by pests including rats, fleas and cockroaches on wards and even in operating theatres.

There's life in space!

[Research] - 29/07/2008 - The U.S. commander of space shuttle Discovery believes life probably exists somewhere in outer space, but there is a simple reason why aliens have not visited earth -the journey is too tough.

Statins may help kidney transplants

[Research] - 24/07/2008 - Cholesterol-fighting statin drugs, already known to help ward off heart attack and stroke, may helpkidney transplant patients.

Trouble for teen smokers

[Research] - 24/07/2008 - Novice teenage smokers often make repeated attempts to quit smoking soon after they start, but most are unsuccessful.

Soy-based foods may lower sperm count

[Research] - 24/07/2008 - Eating a half serving a day of soy-based foods could be enough to significantly lower a man's sperm count.

Facebook to expand

[IT] - 24/07/2008 - The founder of Facebook has spoken of spreading his service across the Web, while apologizing for past excesses.

Roche deal could spark worker defections

[Pharmaceuticals] - 23/07/2008 - Roche's plan to buy Genentech runs the risk of triggering an exodus of employees who do not want to work for a huge company, including some who might look to start their own companies.

Subocean reaffirms position in offshore renewables

[Environment/Energy] - 23/07/2008 - Aberdeen-based subsea installation company, Subocean Limited, has been awarded a fast track contract with EON UK.

A future in food

[Food & Drink] - 23/07/2008 - If you are considering a career in the food industry then you need to acquire basic knowledge of food hygiene, preparation and safety. Choose from a variety of specialised courses.

Healthcare jobs with a difference

[Healthcare] - 23/07/2008 - Smith & Nephew is committed to developing employees throughout their careers, giving you the chance to make a tangible difference to people's lives.

Work and play in Norway

[Research] - 22/07/2008 - Hydro employs 22,000 people in more than 30 countries, their values of respect, courage and co-operation make working more of a challenge than a chore.

Cure your curiosity

[Research] - 22/07/2008 - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council have a variety of events and meetings throughout the year. Get involved and get informed!

US fails healthcare test

[Healthcare] - 17/07/2008 - The US fails on most measures of health care quality, with Americans waiting longer to see doctors and more likely to die of illnesses than people in other industrialized countries.

GSK to pay Actelion up to $3.3 bln for drug rights

[Pharmaceuticals] - 16/07/2008 - GlaxoSmithKline could pay Swiss company Actelion up to 3.3 billion Swiss francs to develop a promising insomnia drug in the largest biotech partnering deal.

UK schools go green

[Environment/Energy] - 16/07/2008 - British state schools are to be included under the government's new domestic carbon emissions trading scheme from April 2010.

France ends 12-year Red Bull ban

[Food & Drink] - 16/07/2008 - Red Bull appeared in its original recipe in France's shops for the first time, implementing European regulations that say it should be put on sale in the absence of proof that it is harmful.

Injured teens can be impaired by stress

[Healthcare] - 16/07/2008 - After a serious injury, some teenagers suffer from depression and anxiety that can eventually interfere with their daily lives, researchers have found.

Ulcer bacteria may help asthma

[Healthcare] - 16/07/2008 - A bacteria only recently revealed as a major cause of ulcers and stomach cancer may help protect children from developing asthma.

New book examines the mixed-up senses of synaesthesia

[Research] - 16/07/2008 - Do letters have colours? Does music have flavour? Can you see shapes when you think of numbers? For one in twenty people, the answer to one or more of these questions is "Yes!"

University lab is buzzing

[Research] - 16/07/2008 - Good news for bees! The University of Sussex has installed the UK's only Professor of Apiculture.

Why musicians make us weep and computers don't

[IT] - 16/07/2008 - Neuroscientists look at the brain's response to piano sonatas played either by a computer or a musician.

Australia drought worsens

[Environment/Energy] - 10/07/2008 - The prolonged drought in Australia's Murray-Darling river system is worsening and accelerating climate warming may forever change the country’s main food bowl.

Cargill launches natural, no-calorie sweetener

[Food & Drink] - 10/07/2008 - Agribusiness giant Cargill Inc is starting to roll out Truvia, its natural, no-calorie sweetener and expects the product to be on grocery shelves across the U.S. sometime this fall.

NHS seeks new technology

[IT] - 10/07/2008 - Engineering and manufacturing businesses which have new products or technologies that could help prevent the spread of MRSA are being asked to come forward to take part in a new NHS programme.

Bayer aims for China

[Pharmaceuticals] - 09/07/2008 - Bayer’s healthcare unit is aiming for sales growth in China of more than 20% a year over the next five years to maintain its lead over larger global rivals in the country.

Broccoli to battle cancer

[Food & Drink] - 09/07/2008 - A chemical in broccoli sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating some genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel tumours.

Hygiene exam helps workplaces

[Healthcare] - 09/07/2008 - New examination from BOHS meets industry demands for qualifications in local exhaust ventilation (LEV) design.

Luxembourg, France are top for European heart care

[Healthcare] - 09/07/2008 - Luxembourg and France topped a European survey on Thursday that ranks countries by the quality of cardiovascular care.

EuroBiO Career Fair 7- 9 October in Paris

[Research] - 09/07/2008 - EuroBiO Career Fair is a three day event 7-9 October in Paris, that benefits from the presence of more than five thousand participants generating optimum market conditions for recruiters and job seekers.

Oat extract feeds the mind

[Research] - 09/07/2008 - After successful in-vitro and animal trials, the efficacy of wild green oat extract has now been confirmed in a human clinical study.

Cow burps help climate change

[Research] - 09/07/2008 - Argentine scientists are taking a novel approach to studying global warming -strapping plastic tanks to the backs of cows to collect their burps.

Penguin population plunges

[Research] - 02/07/2008 - Penguin populations have plummeted at a key breeding colony in Argentina, mirroring declines in many species of the marine flightless birds due to climate change, pollution and other factors.

Catch some sun for a longer life

[Healthcare] - 24/06/2008 - People with a vitamin D deficiency are likely to die sooner than people whose blood contains higher amounts of the so-called sunshine vitamin.

Sugar technology has promise

[Research] - 24/06/2008 - Swiss drugmaker Roche said results from a preclinical study suggest that sugar related technology may boost effectiveness of cancer drugs.

Brainstorming in Switzerland

[Research] - 24/06/2008 - The latest developments in Brain Research will be presented at the 6th Forum of European Neuroscience FENS 2008, 12 - 16 July 2008, Geneva, Switzerland

Hormones lead to killing

[Environment/Energy] - 19/06/2008 - Biologists have linked the murderous behaviour of the Nazca booby to high levels of testosterone and other male hormones found in the hatchlings.

Leading the climate battle

[Environment/Energy] - 17/06/2008 - The world's major economies emit most of the world's climate-warming greenhouse gases and must take the lead in reducing them.

EU's oil, food and treaty woes

[Environment/Energy] - 17/06/2008 - Unrest over soaring oil and food prices and a slowing economy will converge with political woes over Ireland's rejection of a European Union reform treaty.

Chinese food good for heart

[Food & Drink] - 17/06/2008 - A clinical study found that a partially purified extract of Chinese red yeast rice reduced the risk of repeat heart attacks by 45%.

Time to rethink BP tests

[Healthcare] - 17/06/2008 - Doctors need to rethink the way they measure blood pressure and focus only on the higher of the two conventional readings in patients older than 50.

Marijuana shrinks brain parts

[Pharmaceuticals] - 02/06/2008 - Long-term heavy use of marijuana may cause two important brain structures to shrink, Australian researchers said on Monday.

AIDS drugs reach 3 million

[Pharmaceuticals] - 02/06/2008 - Nearly 3 million people in the developing world now get AIDS drugs -- 1 million more than a year ago.

Food price catastrophe

[Environment/Energy] - 02/06/2008 - Soaring food prices could trigger a global catastrophe, with the world's poor unable to feed their families.

UK beaches slip

[Environment/Energy] - 02/06/2008 - German, British and Portuguese beaches slipped most last year in a list of Europe's cleanest bathing sites.

German farmers block dairies

[Food & Drink] - 02/06/2008 - Thousands of German farmers blocked dairies on Monday over low milk prices in a week-long protest.

Teaching children to drink

[Healthcare] - 02/06/2008 - Parents are to be given advice about how much alcohol their children can safely drink.

Is tap water safe?

[Research] - 02/06/2008 - Drinking water disinfected by chlorine while pregnant may increase the risk of having children with heart problems.

Small PCs big news at Computex

[IT] - 02/06/2008 - Smaller, low-cost PCs are likely to be at the top of the shopping list for technology buyers gathering in Taipei this week.

So you want to be a psychiatrist?

[Research] - 29/05/2008 - Did you know that one in four of the population suffers from mental health problems? This kind of illness ranks with heart problems and cancer among the nation's biggest health problems.

Coffee and tea not cancer risk

[Food & Drink] - 27/05/2008 - Results from a decades-long study may enable women to drink coffee or tea without worry that doing so will increase their risk for breast cancer.

Ex-judge surprised at fine

[IT] - 22/05/2008 - Judge who signed European antitrust ruling against Microsoft said he was surprised by the 899 million euros fine imposed by the EU executive against the software company after he had retired.

Facebook stands firm... for now

[IT] - 19/05/2008 - Facebook's founder stressed his company's independent spirit on Monday, after a report the social networking site might be sold to software giant Microsoft.

Exercise cuts breast cancer risk

[Healthcare] - 13/05/2008 - Regular exercise in adolescence and young adulthood may help cut a woman's risk of developing breast cancer before menopause.

Semantic Wikipedia search tool

[IT] - 12/05/2008 - Powerset on Sunday unveiled tools for searching Wikipedia that use conversational phrasing instead of keywords, marking the first step of its challenge to established Web search services such as Google.

Microsoft launches video on Messenger

[IT] - 12/05/2008 - Microsoft has launched a new online service which will allow users to watch video clips at the same time as a network of friends.

Child virus fears spread

[Healthcare] - 06/05/2008 - Fears of a virus that has killed at least 26 children in China gripped parents in Beijing as officials on Tuesday temporarily closed two kindergartens.


[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - By the time the finals come around, most students have some idea of what they would like to do next. In employment terms, the fact you are a graduate at all opens up a huge range of opportunities. While the general employment picture for graduates is posi

Graduate Recruitment

[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - According to the latest (2005) figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), only 6.3%, 7% and 8.3% of chemistry, biology and physics graduates respectively were unemployed six months after graduation. And this number falls dramatically once

Career Options

[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - Remember, too, that a vast amount of research funding today comes from the European Union. Its latest funding strategy runs from 2007-2013 and is known as the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Selling Yourself

[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - Even with a buoyant employment market hardly anybody walks out of university and straight into their ideal job. But you can improve your chances of landing the perfect post by selling yourself properly.

Further Education

[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - The HESA figures show that further education remains an attractive option for a significant number of science and IT graduates.

Keeping up to date

[Science & IT] - 18/04/2008 - By the time the finals come around, most people have some idea of what they would like to do for a living. Whether this involves going on to do postgraduate studies, working for a particular company, or changing direction completely, it is important to ke

Food can pass resistant bacteria

[Food & Drink] - 17/04/2008 - The use of antibiotics and other anti-microbial agents throughout the food chain contributes to the growth of resistant bacteria which can be passed on to humans through food, EU's food agency said on Thursday.

Not all about pleasure

[Pharmaceuticals] - 26/03/2008 - Exploring contradictions between serotonin's roles in different states of health.

Somalia's crisis

[Healthcare] - 26/03/2008 - Forty aid agencies urged the world on Wednesday to focus attention on Somalia's "catastrophic" humanitarian crisis.

Staph A camouflage

[Research] - 26/03/2008 - Researchers at the University of Washington have uncovered how the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, including "superbug" strains.

miRNA lung cancer prevention

[Research] - 26/03/2008 - A small RNA molecule, known as let-7 microRNA (miRNA), substantially reduced cancer growth in multiple mouse models of lung cancer.

AIDS vaccine effort

[Pharmaceuticals] - 25/03/2008 - The U.S. government began a major overhaul of its effort to produce an AIDS vaccine on Tuesday.

Ice shrinks in Arctic sea

[Environment/Energy] - 25/03/2008 - Winter sea ice around a Norwegian Arctic island has thinned to less than one metre (3 feet) since the 1960s.

Millions at risk in S.Asia

[Environment/Energy] - 25/03/2008 - Rising seas and water shortages will displace about 125 million people living along the coasts of India and Bangladesh by the turn of the century.

Livingstone puts climate at core

[Environment/Energy] - 25/03/2008 - London's Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone put climate at the core of his re-election campaign on Tuesday.

Australian wine industry feels heat

[Food & Drink] - 25/03/2008 - Australian grape growers reckon they are the canary in the coalmine of global warming, as a long drought forces winemakers to rethink the styles of wine they can produce.

French e. Coli scare

[Healthcare] - 25/03/2008 - One of France's top food preparation companies said on Tuesday a consignment of minced meat had been contaminated with E.coli.

Miami doctor breaks new ground

[Healthcare] - 24/03/2008 - Dr. Tomoaki Kato had to remove a lot more than a cancerous tumor during an unprecedented operation.

STMicro launches speedy chip

[Research] - 24/03/2008 - Europe's top semiconductor maker, STMicroelectronics, said it has developed a portable chip to detect influenza viruses including bird flu in humans.

Social networks need to be useful

[IT] - 24/03/2008 - Virtual beer and vampires may no longer be enough to keep members of social networks like Facebook and News Corp's MySpace riveted to their computers.

Source of mystery cancers

[Healthcare] - 23/03/2008 - A new test that analyzes genetic material can tell doctors the source of some mysterious cancers and perhaps help provide a short-cut for treating them.

Nippon Suisan slashes profit

[Food & Drink] - 21/03/2008 - Japan's No.2 fishing firm, Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd, halved its operating profit forecast for the year to March 31.

EU body warns against Velcade

[Pharmaceuticals] - 20/03/2008 - Velcade should not be used in patients with certain severe pulmonary or heart problems.

Tysabri liver warning

[Pharmaceuticals] - 20/03/2008 - The European Medicines Agency said that warnings about liver injury should be added to the product information for Tysabri.

Food makers look to health

[Food & Drink] - 20/03/2008 - The food industry is turning to healthier product lines to fight off the effects of the weak U.S. economy.

Unlimited music possible

[IT] - 19/03/2008 - Apple Inc is in talks with major music companies to offer customers free access to its entire iTunes music library in exchange for paying a premium for its iPods and iPhones.

Superbug infection in face lifts

[Research] - 17/03/2008 - A dangerous drug-resistant bacterial infection has been showing up in a small number of patients who undergo face-lifts.

Aspirin benefits

[Pharmaceuticals] - 07/03/2008 - Blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin may help fight cancer by denying shelter to wandering tumour cells.

Nokia teams with Microsoft

[IT] - 04/03/2008 - Nokia said on Tuesday it would add support to Microsoft's Silverlight Web video technology to millions of its handsets.

Marijuana use promoted

[Healthcare] - 15/02/2008 - A leading U.S. doctors group has endorsed using marijuana for medical purposes.